Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday fragments

IN which our plucky heroine gets a surprise package...

the mystery deepens... remember back in September when a mystery box showed up here at Acorn Cottage?? well... there was another one today... so I ride over to Copy Pilot this afternoon. I don't expect them to be able to give me any data about whoever sent this, but another weird thing turns up - the address label shows their FORMER address, where they were located five years ago! They were equally baffled at how this could have occurred. We decided there is some kind of wormhole into another time/space line...
Inside the box was a little japanese rice bowl; very mysterious, sweet, and charming; I am guessing it came from the same unidentified mystery person who sent me the little ceramic tumbler* in early September this year, as the decoration on the pottery is the same design. Either someone likes me and wants to amuse me, or someone is setting me up for a more dangerous unboxing... shall I be optimistic, or paranoid??? Also, I am amused that whoever packed this sent me both unripe (green) as well as fully ripe (pink) packing peanuts!

A few years ago I made an elaborate Alabama Chanin style knit top, which never got worn very often, since I dealt with my long standing difficulty in getting good non-flippy hemlines on knit tops by simply not hemming it. On some of my knit tops this works well and they lay flat, but this one the lower edge curled up into an uncomfortable and unsightly roll. I decided that in my general current impulse towards repair and refurbishment, to deal with this... and added a 2 1/2" wide band at the bottom edge, with the knit of that band facing the opposite direction, with the intent of having the curling tendencies balance each other out. It seems to have done the trick, indeed I wore the revised top all day today with nary a twist or roll.

After pulling out all the "still needs to be cut out and sewn" garments from Wednesdays list, I began wondering how/if they would fit into various types of SWAP configurations. My chosen colors (no surprise) are black, indigo, and brown, with accent colors of grey and turquoise. If, as I hope will be possible, my pinafores count as a "bottom" garment, it should be feasible for me to pull out enough pieces from the list of 18 hopefuls, to fit in the future rules:

Indigo: dark denim pinafore, turtleneck top
Brown: brushed twill pinafore and jacket, raincoat
Black: corduroy pinafore, linen blouse, raincape
Grey: corduroy pinafore

Multicolor or Accent: mostly indigo floral top, indigo pinstripe dress, black/grey/blue stripe dress, grey/blue turtleneck top, black/brown marl turtleneck top, black/brown flannel dress, black brown Alabama Chanin style top, turquoise shot cotton dress

What I like about this grouping is that it would not only all use fabric on hand already, but that all of the dresses and tops will work with any of the pinafores to make a wearable and pleasing outfit. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the SWAP rules and my needs will match up well this year. I could choose suitable garments for a traditional SWAP, or any of the various algebra SWAP variants, and have a good number of "bridge" garments as well, I think.

An interesting informational tidbit I gained, along with a Useful List of garments I intend to sew. Apparently I like stripes... I wear a fair amount of corduroy, and have a good assortment of stripey fabrics in my stash.

Next up, to take some time between now and SWAP announcement to see if I can make sure that my pattern modifications are current with my current measurements

October SMART goals
1 charter #16 primed shakes pruning apple tree
2 rune enamel painted chookhouse
forged iron weight
paper recycle bin
3 - re-knit sweater cuffs yardwaste bin
4 - hem A/C top -
5 -- -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -
13 - - -
14 - - -


  1. Re mystery box. Perhaps sent a long time ago and something went wrong in the parcel distribution network and they've only just been found and sent on. Cute bowl. Hope the SWAP rules do allow your participation in a way which lets you sew things that work for you. Every piece needs to count as you only wear handmade.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes for SWAP this year... I will be sewing like mad anyway, since my closet is pretty empty currently, and winter is coming!

    RE the mystery box, I would suspect a postal error if it had only happened one time, but having a mystery box in September, and another one now in October, both posted from the same copy store, seems a bit beyond a one time snafu... I will simply enjoy the pretty addition to my kitchenware!