Monday, September 5, 2016

media Monday - Labor Day

in which our plucky heroine, while still lame, thinks long thoughts...

I am grateful that I first encountered U Utah Phillips (decades ago when I was an impressionable 17 year old student) telling his stories in the back room at Smokey Joes Cafe, and had the great delight of hearing him perform several times over the years. Story and song are a place where history is kept alive, and education doesn't only happen in a classroom...

Labor Day here, not just a shopping opportunity, but a holiday off from everyday work, created by the labor movement, (and gradually officially adopted) towards the end of the nineteenth century, as a day to honor the contributions of the working folk, all who labor to get the work of the world accomplished, and to remember that together we are strong.

For all who worked and sang and died... we don't forget.


  1. Just checking in as I'm a little concerned at your long silence. I hope you're OK.

  2. And I came for the same reason. Hope all's well and that you're happily busy.