Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday fragment - brought to you by the letter A

A is for aphorism, and A is also for apple... The fruit on my backyard apple tree is ripe now. Every day or evening, more of them get knocked off the branches, I assume by the squirrels, so when it is time to go feed the chooks, there is a fresh dappling of red on the ground. I never thought about the literal sense of "the apple does not fall far from the tree", until I saw it with my own eyes, in fact, gravity pulls them directly downward, and were they to all fall, they would show the extent of the fruiting branches, in the same way that the saying suggests as a rule of thumb...

The one side of the tree is quite productive, with an abundance of vivid red apples almost the size of my fist. This is the first year of really successful backyard apples, they are sweet and tasty and not all full of bugs (which is saying a lot, since I neither spray or water the tree, and didn't manage to cover the baby fruit with the nylon footies in time either).

The other side of the tree is a different story, obviously a different variety, and only set a few apples this season, most of which were badly sunburned or something? before they ripened. That side of the tree is also the side that began blossoming in August, and has now attempted to set fruit twice in one year! I will consult with Mr Dawson about possible ways to either help this half of the tree regain it's senses, or how best to prune away the confused and unproductive portion without damaging the rest of the tree. Always more to learn...

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