Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday tidbits... a 6PAC+ sewing plan

so here's the story from our plucky heroine...

Her closet has been looking more and more empty, while the shelves of fabric stash, with no new denizens , are looking more abundant in comparison. An upcoming family gathering will be a good reason to add some new clothes to her current overly limited wardrobe. It will likely still be quite warm, so a mixture of mostly breezy summer dresses, with one or two layering pieces, should prove both easy to pack and easy to wear. Adding in a dash of unexpected color will help distract from the weight gained over the last several years - it's about being a survivor, not about being a fashion icon, and the people who love her best see her most truly, so why not give them something new to look at...

My 6PAC plan: An assortment of new, basic, printed rayon popover dresses. (One dark indigo/brown swirl batik, one faux-shibori double border print,* and one multicolor "bohemian" stripe.)  I have one more popover cut our waiting to be stitched, from a dress length of celery green floral rayon (what was I thinking?) that (with an eventual quick dip in the indigo vat) will turn to a nice subtle teal/turquoise. One black jacquard rayon popover, for more "dressy wear" This is already cut out and ready to sew, in a combination of floral and geometric textured jacquard fabrics, and with an elaborated yoke with embroidery, black sequin trimmings and narrow dark blue micro pleated trim.

These dresses are comparatively fast and easy to sew, all straight seams and all pattern pieces triangles and rectangles, a wardrobe staple to live in when the weather is warm. I initially developed this pattern by combining my knowledge of ancient garment construction with this contemporary Japanese pattern Nani Iro dress diagram

(Also, one cotton everyday dress in medium blue batik stripe; this dress is already cut out and ready to sew. One jacquard cotton denim medium blue pinafore, with the edges bound in multicolor ikat; this is cut out and ready to sew.)

* another view of the faux shibori rayon... showing half the width... there is a mirrored border on the other selvedge. After much thought, and experimentation in the mirror, have decided to have the light colored squares run up the side front next to the narrow center panel, with the sides shading off into the stripey section, and use the central "plaid" area to cut the assorted gores.

Am considering the possiblity of maybe block printing the narrow center panel to add yet another pattern to this popover dress.


  1. All sounds delightful and very you. Enjoy your new clothes.

  2. Well, I hope to enjoy them once I get them stitched up!