Monday, August 22, 2016

media Monday

in which our plucky heroine is very grateful for the local swimming pool, which saved our sanity this weekend (was 102 F on Saturday afternoon here, in the shade on my front porch)...

and in the interest of a bit of visual cooling and beauty, here is a lovely piece of environmental artwork:

We did it! My Blue Cedar House pals came down this weekend. It was not a good weekend for yardwork (see note above on temperature), so aside from a modicum of weeding and backyard weedwhacking early in the mornings, we put our attention into some serious workroom decluttering...

The primary area of the central worktable is cleared, and the surrounding areas have plenty of clear floor space. We took six grocery sacks to Goodwill, three to recycling and one into the trash. A bunch of the lumber was shifted outside for future garden bed building. Now I can once again host teaching weekends here, and creative activity evenings! It is amazing what a huge difference it makes having a bit of company while doing the sort and discard!
There is now room to set up a narrow standing workbench underneath the shelves (where currently a few remaining boxes of yet unsorted random papers are stacked). You can see the file cabinet in the lefthand photo, and the pile of papers above it, and next to it... those I decided were a different task that the initial "clear the space for useability..." goal

Indeed, the other thing that feels like a real accomplishment this weekend, in addition to the initial major declutter and space clearing, was to then be able to see the smaller "chunks" of task that also need done, without panicking. I made a list, in my new notebook, of the sub-sections that still need attention in this room: my personal workbench, the soldering bench, the filing cabinet, the pantry, the tool zone, and the laundry zone.

In addition, I noted various smaller tasks that need done in there. There are two shelves that need wall anchors, as does the kiln shelf system. The standing workbench needs moved indoors from where it currently lives outside the back door. I need to sort the piles of papers and deal with the contents of the filing cabinet; it occurred to me that I can use it to both hold files and as a sort of stationary supply center, with paper and pads in the upper drawer for easy access, and actual files in the lower drawer, since I don't need to look at them often. This would have all the blank paper of various sorts corralled in one spot.

Overall, the ongoing efforts over weeks/months/years seems to be bearing fruit. In the past, my efforts to declutter primarily consisted of moving clutter from one part of the house to another. This time, the only thing moved to other parts of the house were objects that had actual spots where they lived in other rooms, and it felt fairly easy to simply let go of still useful but unneeded materials. I even sorted through an entire box of "mementos"; keeping the ones that actually had pleasant memories attached, and letting everything else return to the thing-stream!

August SMART goals
1 charter #14 rayon dress facing Tundra flooring
2 charter #15 - floor padding
3 Tullia painted banner - bag to Goodwill
4 embroidered yoke - bag to Goodwill
5 -- bag to Goodwill
6 - - bag to Goodwill
7 - - bag to Goodwill
8 - - bag to Goodwill
9 - - paper recycling
10 - - wood scraps
11 - - shelf unit
12 - - -
13 - - -
14 - - -


  1. Looking great! It sounds like you have really turned a corner with the decluttering, a satisfying reward for your persistence with it I hope.

  2. What a great weekend. Glad you got loads of stuff sorted out!