Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday tidbits

in which our plucky heroine happily completes a project...
Bone discs have been added to the centers of this pair of Roman style brooches using through tube rivets, and these are now complete, and will become part of Tullia's collection.

They were started on June 7th. At the time, I wrote "...have made a good start on another pair of Roman brooches. This set will have concentric raised applied rings as a motif. The photo shows one base plate trimmed and filed, one still waiting to be trimmed, and two inner rings soldered but still needing to be shaped circular. The inner rings will be soldered to the base, as the next step. Then the central disc will be added, findings on the back, and the whole set will be smoothed and polished (after being treated to remove the copper layer, formed when soldering, from the surface of the brass, which will return it to a golden color.)"

While dealing with soldering the brass was quite a challenge, since it behaves entirely differently than silver, it eventually was persuaded to take the shapes planned for, although it did need to spend a week on the workbench lest I tear my remaining hair clean off!  And... a photo showing an original archeological find of the same style of Roman brooch:

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