Friday, May 6, 2016

Norwegian medieval money pouch

in which our plucky heroine does a dab of leatherwork...

I've long been wanting to try this project, a small medieval coin pouch. I followed these directions on Katafalk, and found them to be both accurate and useful.

The design, based on an extant 13th/14th C medieval artifact from Bruges Museum in Bergen, has a clever and simple round of gathering, that shapes the pouch, helps make a space for the coins, and actually creates an almost flat bottom for setting the pouch down.

The first step, after cutting out the circle of leather that makes the pouch, is punching the holes for the drawstring and the lower gathering

Next step is to run a strip of leather through the holes in the middle of the circle...

Then pull the leather in to create the pouched center. and anchor one end of the strip so it will keep that size

Take the long end, thread it into a large needle and carefully stitch over each of the gathers, catching the gathering strip at the same time. Once all the way around, send the working end of the strip to the inside of the pouch, and tie it off.

Voila! a clever pouch, with neatly anchored gathers. Approximate size 3" from base to top edge. I looped the drawstring strap around the top edge, which still leaves just enough to loop and tie onto a belt.

There are more detailed process photos on Cathrin Åhlén's blog Katafalk, I find her various works very inspiring, and am grateful that she found this delightful small purse and showed so clearly how to re-create it.

May SMART goals
1 printed trim samples caged feral roses cardboard recycling
2 banner design block printed
undergown hem
3 small coin pouch - -
4 - - -
5 - - -
6 - - -
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