Monday, April 18, 2016

simple stamping

in which our plucky heroine becomes a bit of a block head...

My first attempt at printing one of my hand carved lino blocks: cuff bands to be applied to Farbjorn's tunic . Although... I can see where  the spaces between the upper and lower motifs are quite uneven... better next time, I hope!

Decided to try out using a homemade fabric paint stamp pad instead of rolling out the ink and applying it to the block using a brayer, and as you can see, it works a treat! Wouldn't be good for a large block, but for this 2"sq design, it is much faster than rolling out and transferring ink. I can see where I went off on the second row of motifs... next time, do not start at the very end, but with one motif *centered* between the upper ones. Now I do not feel quite so bad about dropping the block onto the other cuff band.

Because the design is congruent with the edges of the block, it makes registering the pattern fairly simple, just match up the corners. Any discontinuity is user error, as mentioned above.


  1. Very cool. You could make all sorts of designs.

    1. Indeed... if I ever manage to get back to sewing for me again, I intend to play with various surface design techniques like printing and stenciling