Friday, April 15, 2016

floral Friday

in which our plucky heroine is aesthetically pleased...

This time of year the flowers in the front border are a lovely collection of shapes and colors... there are a few of these black tulips; they were mystery bulbs inside a tin box from The Bins

There is a dwarf lilac, currently growing in a pot, but maybe to be transplanted into the border this year; a gift from Elfrida

Sleepydicks, which close up (go to "sleep") when it is not sunny out... a gift from Meagn

Wood Hyacinth (also called bluebells, but not the same as the Old World bluebell) another ubiquitous PNW yard plant... I have these in blue, and in white, not sure where they came from?

These violets are actually somewhere between magenta and violet color, and are gradually spreading out around the front yard garden bed. I have white violets also, but they mostly grow in the lawn, early in the year before it is long enough to mow. If I can remember to next year, I will dig up some of the white ones to add to the garden bed as well

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  1. Love your pictures! Here, not even the forsythia are in bloom yet