Wednesday, April 27, 2016

printing fabric with great enthusiasm...

in which our plucky heroine blocks out some time for artwork....

Finished up a small project yesterday, for my own SCA garb refurbishment, since camping season will soon be here!...
Pale green silk, block printed in green, used as neckline trim. The printed silk, edges turned under, is stitched to a striped fabric strip, which is then stitched to the neckline edge of the linen undergown.

The trim, only 1/2" wide, with the blocks used to print the motif. Working at this small scale, I thought that using safe-t-cut would be easier than trying to carve linoleum so small...


Today my pal Dayna came over to Acorn Cottage so we could work together printing the fabric for her salwar pants. First step was to chalk in a grid to place the motifs... (she had already cut out the pattern pieces) I ironed the fabric to locate a centerline and the section edges, and then we used a wide transparent ruler and "chaco-line" marker to create evenly spaced sections

The first pass, white Neopaque and pearl Lumiere mixed... we initially tried just the pearl Lumiere textile paint, but it was *too* subtle, mixing in a bit of opaque white helped it contrast well with the purple linen

Also discovered that the pearl Lumiere paint does not work at all well with the DIY paint stamp pad technique. The mica powder, or whatever is used for the pearlised effect, impedes capillary action and clumps up below the felt. I am going to test whether the metallic Lumiere does the same thing. Fortunately I had a brayer and a piece of plexiglass, so we switched to applying the textile paint to the block that way instead...

The second pass on Dayna's salwar fabric was using the tiny geometric block, printed using a mixture of pale purple and violet irridescent fabric paint, for a subtle color variation. Printing the two pieces of fabric for the salwar pants legs took us about three hours.

There was some of the paint leftover, so I decided to try out my confronted horses block... I think it prints fairly well! Still need to carve an outer ring block to use with it. The motif is inspired by this 8th/9th C woven silk textile fragment


April SMART goals
1 charter painting sink repair yard waste bin
2 window panel rack re-hem Maeva gowns yard waste bin
3 Æsa gown mend brown pinafore -
4 3 Maeva gowns add trim Farbjorn tunic -
5 2 SR pillow covers framed 2 prints -
6 Farbjorn tunic add green silk trim
to shot linen undergown
7 Farbjorn embroidery - -
8 Thora embroidery - -
9 block printed trim - -
10 printed Dayna fabric - -
11 - - -
12 - - -


  1. Love your hand printing, beautifully done and will make amazing trousers!

  2. breathtaking beautifulness!!! Those pants are going to light up the world! And it is always so much fun to read about your enthusiasm and exploits!