Monday, April 25, 2016

blue Monday

Our plucky heroine had a random and mostly sort of lonesome weekend, reminding me that the responsibility of my solitary state lies squarely on my own shoulders. Somehow, the punctuation of a few hours of social time with friends, bracketing days without any at all is not adequate, but I have yet to solve this conunudrum. Still, there was assorted progress made on various necessary activities...

A good start on the next sewing commission, framing the two prints from the Letterpress Fair, a lot of housekeeping activity (including excavating Mt Dishmore down to the bedrock), and some walking and bike riding tucked in between the at-last-suitable rain and wind of April, which we have had nowhere near enough of. I suspect that my corner neighbors would disagree with that, since the storm broke the venerable (and now seen to be hollow) apple tree in their front yard. A third of the tree snapped off, fortunately missing both their house and the power lines, and entirely blocking the sidewalk with a chunk of tree and branches fifteen feet tall.

"When Raven stole the Moon"

Just a few smaller blocks carved this weekend, tiny ones not even an inch across, that I used to print some narrow strips of silk to mend and trim my green herringbone linen undergown. Soon it will be camping season, and while I have been busily making Blue Cedar House clothing, it would be a good idea for my own SCA wardrobe to get mended and refurbished, since most of those garments are close to twenty years old and rather threadbare in spots. One goal I have is to eventually print fabric inspired by Osberg silk samite fragments, and use that fabric as trim for new garb...

April SMART goals
1 charter painting sink repair yard waste bin
2 window panel rack re-hem Maeva gowns yard waste bin
3 Æsa gown mend brown pinafore -
4 3 Maeva gowns add trim Farbjorn tunic -
5 2 SR pillow covers framed 2 prints -
6 Farbjorn tunic - -
7 Farbjorn embroidery - -
8 Thora embroidery - -
9 block printed trim - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -


  1. Hope the block printing is going well, what you have done so far is delightful.

  2. Block printing is continuing to be very much fun, though I have taken a bit of a break to get some actual commission sewing work done instead!