Thursday, March 31, 2016

Charter #6

SCA Charter painting has become my minor recreation/obsession... Our plucky heroine develops these periodic enthusiasms, some last for years, and some don't. It sure is an enjoyable ride at the time though, and am having quite a lot of fun with it. I spent an hour or two every day for the past week on this charter (based on Roman Vergil). Looking at an image of the original inspiration for the design is very helpful for choosing an approach to the painting and color scheme...

maybe a quarter of the way done... it looks really red and russet right now, but there is a lot more background and shading and details to add

Added in the dark green background (and a bit more shading and detailing) I like how the darker background changes the whole character of the image. Started wondering about adding some relatively subtle patterning to the floor... the background and reddish purple (couch?) will have additional shading added, but the floor feels awfully plain and sort of stands out more than feels balanced. Some image searching found this very simple Roman mosaic floor

Getting the effect of mosaic flooring using one of my favorite things: tiny dots!

and a few more details added... some additional borders and fringes to the triangular bit between the bolster and the person, and some tiny detailing to the upper shoulder on the garment.

As more details get added, the overall image takes on more depth... Still need to do the shading of the background, and all the assorted highlights on the drapery of the garments and the wall hangings, and finish up the floor patterning...

Finished the tile floor, and added shading to the drapery background. Still needs highlights on the red swags in the background, and a bit of black line touch-ups, and then it is done...

My 4th charter painting completed,. Between the complex mixed and layered colors and the challenging stylized shading in this Roman-style charter, it has definitely been educational.

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