Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bizzy buzz buzz...

On Monday our plucky heroine started on this Laurel medallion commission, and completed the initial base layers of engraving the diapering pattern, stamping the bees, and applying the pale violet transparent enamel...

Today it was time for step number next: to carefully shape painted* lines for the stems of the Laurel wreath, then fire at 1500F. When cool, begin adding laurel leaves...

Tiny, less than 1/8", leaves are painted in suitable locations along the stems. Then the edges of the leaves are carefully shaped (using tiny brushes) to have crisp edges. Once the oil evaporates, the piece will be fired again...

2nd layer of enamel on the leaves, lighter green highlights... I'm thinking that one more round of darker green to finish detailing the leaves and the enamel will be ready to have a setting built for it

Finally the enamel portion of the medallion is completed... at the bottom edge of the photo is a fragment of transparent ruler, showing how the actual enamel is just about an inch across. I particularly love how the painted enamel has an almost dimensional effect, being just a little bit raised from the surface of the transparent background.

*painting enamel (Limoges technique) is done with powdered glass of approximately talcum powder fineness, which I use mixed with lavender oil as a medium. Once applied to the surface, I then use a damp 10/0 paintbrush to refine the edges and details of the line


  1. Replies
    1. I love doing tiny things... when I was a child my hobby was dollhouse miniatures

  2. This is beautiful! I am amazed at the detail you are able to achieve at this scale.