Wednesday, February 17, 2016

wishful Wednesday

in which our plucky heroine notes that spring is coming...

This is my interpretation of the Janet Clare Wildflowers Quilt-a-long block for January: "snowdrop". Since I am not a quilter, but do sew my own clothing, that I would like to use the block designs to decorate the hemline of a pinafore dress (a staple garment in my wardrobe). And of course being my disobedient self, I am not doing the floral designs in her charming raw edged machine applique technique, but instead in simple embroidery more suited to a workaday garment.

I have set aside some grey corduroy for the (future) pinafore, and enough grey rayon jacquard for the twelve embroidered patches, which will be lined and then lightly quilted, before being pieced together into a hemline band. These blocks will be small enough projects that the squares can be completed in a few days transit time, in between other more elaborate tasks, and a grey, flower-trimmed pinafore in January 2017 will be a pleasant option, indeed there is a whole group of other grey fabrics set aside for a potential winter 6PAC wardrobe set. Am eager to see what Janet Clare will choose for the February floral block, and thereby shall learn a little bit more about British wildflowers as well

Back to the SWAP sewing, finally, now that there is at least an imaginary gap in my schedule... indeed my intention is to go back to my former plan of taking a half hour in the early AM to work on sewing for myself, which is desperately needed. The next group in the SWAP will be one of the all-indigo ones. I have a partially cut out Viking apron/pinafore in a lovely jacquard indigo fabric, and some batik striped indigo that will be ideal for a basic dress. My least favorite part of sewing prep is cutting out. and once that is done, the project becomes a lot more interesting.

I'm not sure but that a second dress would be the best addition to the indigo group; I need dresses most of all, and there is other suitable fabric, but for now, will simply focus on preparing these two individual garment "kits" that include all the pieces cut out, thread, and whatever reference materials needed. For the pinafore, I want to try making some curved double welt pockets, just because I never have done that before, and it would be a great addition to my skill set. And it would echo my intended curved upper bodice edge on the pinafore. Seeking information, I found some online, which then led my to Threads # 62 which has an entire article on said curved welt pockets. I tend to prefer a clearly written article with good technical drawings to a video or photo essay for these sorts of reference.

Our plucky heroine is wishing for a simple solution to the garden shed issues... The large shed in the back corner of the garden, put in place by Former Owner, and poorly built and sited to start out with, is now in need not of refurbishment but of removal. The entire back wall is becoming has been colonised by assorted types of mold, rather like tempeh or blue cheese, if one could imagine tempeh made from flakeboard. This means it is no longer a good place to store garden tools and lumber, which means that I will need to create different storage options, with no money and few resources. The only silver lining is that there will no longer be a shed in one of the best garden spots in the yard, which gets sunlight almost all day. I do wish I had the resources to build a smaller shed, one suitable for storing the lawn mower, and wheelbarrow, and the other yard tools and lumber

February SMART goals
1 carved bird stamp new shoplight 2 bags to Goodwill
2 Jen jumper new ceiling tap workroom ceiling fan
3 Jen jumper extend chook fencing random flooring bits
4 Jen jumper overdoor shelf two dead garden hoses
5 yin yang wall quilt yard weeded -
6 snowdrop block - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -


  1. Good luck with the shed options. The no money thing is a bit of a bummer.

  2. Years ago I read of someone who was building a structure with blocks of magazines encased in fencing. The magazines were sourced from some cheap place, perhaps a place that took back unsold magazines. It was found that some of the magazines were girly mags, transforming something of questionable value into something of great value. Other structures are made of water & antifreeze-filled plastic bottles or bales of straw. Maybe something to think about as possibilities for your own use.