Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A bit of a catch-up on wishful Wednesday

In which our plucky heroine notes some of the progress made, of which there is quite a bit...

Blue Cedar House came visiting the past weekend; probably the most significant project was adding an LED shoplight to the workroom. The difference it makes is amazing! Getting better lighting into all the rooms has been an ongoing project here for years.
new shoplight brightens the whole room ...and before, task lighting tries its best to be helpful

The doorway in the small bedroom now has a linens shelf above it, suitable for holding the bed linens for the guest futon. Still needs to be painted, but is useable as is, painting will wait until it is warm outside, so windows can be opened...

The ceiling fans here are less than useful, so one of the weekend projects was to remove the one in the workroom and replace it with a simple socket, so I could plug the iron into the ceiling instead of the wall. Project met a snag with unidentified wires, which hopefully will match this diagram. (Also got tips this weekend on ways to check which wires are actually doing what, as Former Owner did a lot of peculiar things)

The workroom fan, and the others eventually, will be replaced by light fixtures in the sleeping rooms and this grounded outlet ceiling tap and light in the workroom. It will get a smaller bulb and be used to plug the iron into the ceiling instead of the wall which will improve ironing immensely. Thank you Molly Beard for coming over this afternoon to help make this happen!

Another Blue Cedar House project this past weekend was adding in another section of fencing to the hen pen in the backyard, spanning the distance between the shed and the current pen. This gives the chooks another good sized chunk of lawn to destroy, which makes all of us happy... They get fresh greens and bugs, and I get nice tasty eggs to eat


These three, "teacher pinafores" for my friend Ariadne will be a useful addition to her schoolday wardrobe. They are easy to wear and have the capacious pockets so helpful for teachers...
The first jumper-pinafore has a particularly fun way of combining fabrics: with hemline gores and a bodice yoke in a dotted stripe, that coordinates well with the large abstract floral fabric

February SMART goals
1 carved bird stamp new shoplight 2 bags to Goodwill
2 Jen jumper new ceiling tap workroom ceiling fan
3 Jen jumper extend chook fencing random flooring bits
4 Jen jumper overdoor shelf -
5 - yard weeded -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -

Wishful is that the shed in the backyard really does need demolished, as it is becoming colonized with several varieties of mold throughout the flakeboard walls. Pretty horrible. Now I need to acquire or build some different storage structures for the yard tools and equipment, and for the lumber/plywood that is currently stored in there. This is going to be an expensive proposition in both time and materials needed, and cost of disposal. Our plucky heroine is not happy.


  1. Love the light in your workroom! I live in an old house and had to be always careful to use low-wattage bulbs in the ceiling lights. I buy an LED bulb equivalent to a 100 watt bulb occasionally on my grocery store trips and can enjoy bright lights without endangering my wiring.

  2. Didn't recognize the workroom with the new light. It looks fantastic!