Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday thoughts and travel

In which our plucky heroine notices that nothing remains the same...

On a short trip north to Seattle, I stopped to visit some of my Olympia pals. The studio eaves at Mud Bay now have bird wings and tail feathers.

The new rafter tails on the rebuilt back porch are heron heads

Old back porch being rebuilt, much more structurally sound, new porch railing and sides at a pleasant height with eaves well overhanging the sides, new lighting and a bay window addition to the rose bedroom...

Bill Dawson makes lovely sculptural light fixtures from wood and copper


After an overnight on Sunday in Olympia, Heather and I met up with Karina for brunch in Seattle, in a little cafe with amusing terrariums.

I had another chance to catch up and gather hugs from dear friends who live in Seattle, and another overnight, after some business errands in Fremont. On the way to catch the first bus on a multi-bus journey home again, I saw that the morning fog had left dewdrops in spiderwebs alongside the park near where my friends Mickey and Eva-Lise live...
Dozed most of the way home on the Bolt bus back to Portland, 'til the roar of a Harley woke me as we were pulling into the city. Once home again, it was a treat to see how the seeds of order and beauty are growing and beginning to spread through Acorn Cottage, and I feel inspired to continue the process.


  1. I enjoyed the peek at your friends' home. I loved your last line. That is going straight into my journal. You have inspired me to tend to the seeds of order and beauty in my own home.

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