Thursday, February 18, 2016

battered but unbowed

in which our plucky heroine tries something different...

Tonight was the first of a six week Thursday evening writing group for cancer survivors that I am attending, and the theme tonight was "creative voice". There are two facilitators and about fifteen women of various ages and stories. I was a tad late to the meeting, after following some less than useful Tri-Met directions, but got there towards the end of "introductions" which went about as those sorts of things usually do.

The most interesting part of the evening was when we were given an assortment of random images of natural landscapes and it was suggested that we simply write whatever came to mind, a sort of free write inspired by the pictures. The image of a lanky cherry tree blossoming against a peeling city wall washed in several colors was my inspiration, and my words quickly filled an entire page in the new journal we had been given.

Once the time for that part was done, the next suggestion was to see if there were parts of what we had written that called out to us, and much to my surprise, these phrases almost arranged themselves:

scarred but subtle beauty
the damp shadow of what was once thriving
blossoming even in desolation
stalwart in continued life