Saturday, February 27, 2016

a little on the side

in which our plucky heroine enjoys a bit of crafty fun...

I am continuing to make progress, albeit slowly, towards my goal of self-handprinted fabrics. Started carving this small (2" sq) interstitial block last night when I couldn't sleep... I had some leftover pieces when I cut the 5 x 7 block down to 5 x 5 (used for my confronted horses block), and decided that the smaller bits could then be used for other designs The idea is that it can either be used by itself, or in combination with the larger roundel blocks, to create the patterned fabric.

Wednesday I took part of the day off to go visit Marya, and do a bit of charter painting... Painting charters is sort of like the current fad for adult coloring books, (save that the charters serve a specific function in our SCA world, being given to those who recieve certain honors within the group)  Filling in the spaces and adding patterning is so absorbing, like a kind of active meditation. I don't know why I like it so much. At some point I am going to try creating some charter designs myself, now that I am starting to get an idea of what sorts of things are possible and work well... There is always a need for new designs both at a local and regional level; at Kingdom level the scrolls are all done as original artworks for specific individuals (rather than the charters which are duplicated but have original paintwork)

I don't always start out with any particular plan in mind for what colors to put where, other than to try and keep the design balanced. For some reason the scrolling foliage and berries on this piece remind me of nightshade fruit...

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your fabric completed. The charter is lovely. What media are you using?