Sunday, January 3, 2016

snow day

... in which our plucky heroine makes an unwelcome discovery...

Woke up this morning to find that light snow has been coming down for some time. If it was rain, this would be drizzle. (I love the rain, you never have to shovel the rain...) Nonetheless, the chooks are appalled, and loath to come out of their house, even for fresh food and water.

Happened to be looking out the bedroom window later, and saw Boneclaw Mother consider a very brief foray outside the henhouse...

... well maybe trying to get some breakfast might be worthwhile...

... nope nope nope... heading back inside!


I am getting softhearted; I made up a warm mash of mixed up chook food and rolled oats, and put it in the henhouse, and set their water dispenser inside as well... and I'll be checking on them several times today.


  1. She is a really beautiful chicken! Of course she does not wish to get her feet wet and cold on snow. She considers herself a special kind of tropical chicken!!!

  2. Well, chickens are actually descended from jungle fowl, so this sort of weather is not really to their taste, and between the snow and the ice pellets and the wintery mix, it just wasn't very nice if you were a bird, or even if you were me! I am so soft hearted that I made them dinner too, I softened barley in hot water, and then chopped up some collard greens and mixed them in.

  3. In the Chicken World you are a Goddess!!!