Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday musings and music

in which our plucky heroine considers the concept of slowness... I always say that there are only two things I want to be fast in this world, one being my sewing machines and the other being my internet connection...

Last year February I made Idonia an embroidered needlebook, but somehow one thing or another came in the way of my actually remembering to pack it, finally delivered it to her at this most recent Midwinters... So the snail on the strawberries is not only a favorite of hers but perhaps a symbol of how it took almost a year to get from from my brain to her hands...

There was no chance last Saturday for either some block printing of my own, or time for carving a block, during Marya's class for which I was an assistant, but it really whetted my desire to try some block printing of my own in a historically inspired style. This motif, from a 8th century Central Asian textile, is my inspiration.

In order to safely carve the linoleum block, which is much harder than the soft SafeTCut rubber I have used in the past, constructing a bench hook tool is the first step. The bench hook allows for cutting away material from the block with significantly less danger of also cutting away material from my hands. There is a fair amount of information online about bench hook construction and use, but as I am not a woodworker, I'd not run across it before. A bit of work with the japanese saw, some dabs of glue and deploying the C-clamps was all it took...

The linoleum block is hard, and I will be taking my time to gradually carve away the background, so as to not cause harm to my shoulder or wrists. This motif (the confronted horses and foliage) will be centered inside another printed roundel, and a smaller interstitial motif between the larger roundels, to create an overall printed fabric design. My goal is to have printed my own yardage to use for a piece of SCA clothing, by next 12th Night or before.

another old favorite slow and sweet..

January SMART goals
1 sekrit santa gift iPod speakers bag to Goodwill
2 two felt mice compression straps bag to Goodwill
3 heraldic enamel bench hook bag to Goodwill
4 Laurel pendant - -
5 black/brown pinafore - -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -

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