Sunday, January 31, 2016

another mystery solved

With the help of our stalwart electron pals, our plucky heroine has discovered the name, and a bit of information about, the unusual plant currently in neighbor Carla's front yard....
Edgeworthia chrysantha, which I first noticed back when the flower buds were coated with ice earlier this year, has begun blooming in the last few days (along with the snowdrops in my front yard)...supposedly has very fragrant flowers once they are fully in bloom, and the bark is used in making high quality handmade oriental paper.

Had a pleasant Crafternoon today. Freydis and Lawrence came over early, and worked on various projects. We heat set the silk painting he did at Midwinters, and then I gave him an embroidery needle for additional work on a future "heraldic luggage tag" for his armor bag. She worked on Roman style beaded bracelets interspersed with occasional music interludes on her new tin whistle. My friends keep surprising me with their hidden talents. While I can recognise music, I have no great ability in that realm, and certainly have never been able to simply pull recognisable tunes out of midair!

A bit later on in the day, Tullia and Drusa came by. Tullia dropped off some of the supplies for the pieced quilted wall hangings I will be making for her treatment room, and we went over the details for the first one, a large yin yang in two shades of green. Once that was clear, she then went on to turn a log shaped dog toy into a toy for her young Maine Coon "Felix" who has taken to dragging things out of the pantry to kill. (like a bag of flour for example) The hope is that the larger heavier toy, appropriately catnip scented, will prove a suitable substitute for dry goods. Drusa didn't bring a project, but let us know that we can come over to her workroom and pick out suitable veneer for the future tablet weaving cards she will be making. I let her know that there will be a possible shared merchanting space available at Egils, and that some card sets might be good to try out there...(our plucky heroine will be also putting together an assortment of useful trinkets as well)

As far as SMART goals so far this year, now that we are at the end of January, there has been excellent progress on the things made, less on the things fixed, and nowhere near enough on the things discarded. Fortunately I now have two years experience with the process, so know that over the course of a twelvemonth, the various columns mostly balance out


  1. Sounds like a fun day. I am giving away stuff both donating and to a friend needing to set up house post break and that is encouraging me to release things. I'm also using up supplies of some previously enjoyed hobbies I am rediscovering. I'm finding it quite refreshing.

  2. I am in almost daily contact with my online decluttering coach, and keep taking small steps in the desired direction