Saturday, December 26, 2015


in which our plucky heroine celebrates by unpackaging gifts and beginning the 2016 SWAP sewing challenge...

Sekrit Santa sent me some intricate and unusual embroidered trim all the way from Turkmenistan! Guess I'll be making some new garb (when my schedule has some slack later in 2016) to properly display it;  it should look quite splendid on a new undergown to be worn with my Persian coat, which has many of the same colors in the stenciled patterning. I've been mulling over improving that set of garb, and hoping to find suitable fabrics as I continue decluttering my workroom. This new gift just adds another bit of incentive...

Boxing Day is also the start of sewing of the 2016 SWAP sewing challenge. I've been enjoying the planning process, looking at both the contents of my closet and fabric stash, to choose what to sew in the next four months. The two garments I wear the most often in wintertime are dresses and long sleeve knit tops. Those are what is needed in my wardrobe currently. I know that some folks sew SWAP for the warmer weather we will have at the end of the challenge, but I really need clothing for now, not for late springtime. Hence a second revision: comprising five dresses, three pinafores, two knit tops and a rain capelet...

3 pieces color A - black
  • DRESS - black/grey/blue striped cotton
  • BOTTOM - black vertical pique pinafore*
  • LAYER - dark grey plaid rain capelet
3 pieces color B - brown
  • DRESS - brown/turquoise shot cotton
  • BOTTOM  - brown pinafore, edgebound in black
  • TOP - brown cotton knit turtleneck
Combo A + B (black + brown); both dresses edgebound in black
  • DRESS - black/brown chambray linen
  • DRESS - indigo tonal stripe linen, trimmed with brown chambray linen & indigo lace
3 pieces wildcard colors - indigo+
  • DRESS - indigo pinstripe cotton
  • BOTTOM - dark indigo pinafore
  • TOP - pale blue/dark grey stripe hemp knit turtleneck
* I may substitute an additional dress for this pinafore, if I have time, since this is my one "already sewn" item, made in 2012

Have been hunting for ages for a Scandinavian style tine box at an affordable price, with the idea that it could be both an "in the house" sewing box, and at "at events" handwork project box... When this one turned up on Etsy for $35, I took several months to decide that it was worth indulging myself, and since it didn't get snapped up by another shopper, my birthday present to myself it became!


December SMART goals
1 charter painted plinth casters bag to Goodwill
2 fabrics keyring shed door rings bag to Goodwill
3 Elizabethan shirt
garlic planted -
4 party cookery flowerbulbs planted -
5 reverse applique RTW dress salad table planted -
6 Elizabethan shift squirrelproofing -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -


  1. What a beautiful sewing box! I will be a little way off starting my SWAO but I too am making things I really want in my wardrobe.

  2. Alison, you jump right into new projects without delay! The embroidery is glorious; I know you'll do it justice. That sewing box is wonderful; I hope we see peeks of it in the future, in use.

  3. Love, love, love the sewing box! I'm hoping to get started next week on my is an insanely large project for me, here's hoping I can complete it. You have a very nice swap plan. jenmiller

  4. Hooray! I will love seeing your progress with your SWAP projects; I adore your creative, natural, beautiful clothing.