Thursday, December 3, 2015

unboxing the fridge...

... in which our plucky heroine rejoices to have a properly equipped kitchen again...

Just before 11 the delivery truck arrived with the new fridge for Acorn Cottage... the haulers warned me that it was on a pallet, which actually was a good thing since it likely means that the fridge has been transported in the correct orientation and will probably not need to sit for 24 hours before being plugged in

The haulers very kindly were willing to deliver the fridge all the way into the kitchen (instead of on the front porch as the contract allows) They commended my patience in waiting the weeks it took to arrive, and I commended their willingness to go the extra feet actually into the house. Smiles all around. Now for the actual unboxing...

Just as the delivery men suspected/suggested, once the strapping was cut away, the outer layer of cardboard packaging simply lifted off the top, leaving the inner layers of cardboard to fall away

The interior bits are all neatly taped in place for travel, and the silly can holders are, upon testing, exactly the size to hold tall pint canning jars for storing leftovers

It turned out not that difficult after all to get the fridge up onto the plinth once I removed all the glass shelves... Happy to have a proper kitchen setup once again!


  1. Great little fridge, and I love the plinth beneath it! Should be handy to get into that way.

    1. Been using a "little" 4cu/ft fridge in our kitchen ever since moving here, in combination with a 7 cu/ft chest freezer... Once I had the idea how much easier it would be to get into the fridge if it was just a little higher, putting it on a plinth seemed like just the thing. The plinth is built with a storage drawer, which holds rarely used kitchen gear like the turkey roasting pan. And having the fridge just that much taller makes my back and knees happier

  2. Hooray for new fridges! (And helpful delivery people)