Wednesday, December 30, 2015

SWAP sewing progress

in which our plucky heroine makes further progress on a new dress...

A quick notebook sketch done whilst riding the bus today, of the design concept for the black/brown linen dress. Sort of a Gudrun Sjoden lagenlook style, quite loosely cut; rectangular construction for the bodice in combination with my favorite gored skirt and capacious pockets. Managed to get it all cut out of the yardage I had on hand, by dint of some clever piecing...

It seemed advantageous to take the time to add a little stencilled motif to the pieced panels, which has the advantage of making a virtue of necessity. Also it is eversomuch easier to stencil on small pieces of fabric. (and, stenciling is a comparatively fast way to add surface design interest, compared to embroidery or applique) This will add a focal point just outside my shoulders, as well as adding some additional black accent to the brown/black cross dyed linen blend fabric. The stencils I cut for the kosode project earlier this year are continuing to be very useful.


  1. That looks like it will work very well for you.
    I am enjoying leggings under a skirt.

  2. Thanks Ruthie! I imagine that this (future) dress will work with all my current black pinafores. Are leggings with a skirt a new look for you? I often wear leggings with my everyday dresses when the weather is brisk. (This morning it was a bit beyond brisk, as there was a hard frost; when I went out to let the chooks out of their house and feed them this morning everything was white and their water container was frozen hard)

  3. The dress for your friend looks just gorgeous on her - great job - but I can see why you might prefer to stencil this one. All the best for the New Year.

    1. Thank you Liz! My current personal wardrobe goal is to get to where I have enough clothes that I can wash laundry once a week, and the five dresses in my SWAP plans are a vital component, since I am currently down to less than three wearable everyday dresses in my closet. This means that extremely time consuming embellishment is not on the table. The stencil decoration took less than an hour, compared to the more than 40 hours on the green/black dress for SR. (I'd still like to do a more fully embellished Alabama Chanin style dress for myself sometime, though not this season...)