Monday, December 28, 2015

progress on ALL THE THINGS

in which our plucky heroine ramps up her handicraft efforts on at least some of ALL THE THINGS

Beginning on the 2016 SWAP online sewing challenge, I'm almost done cutting out the first dress. I found some cross dyed black/brown cotton linen blend, which will work perfectly for one of the two garments in the "Colorway A + B" section of this year's plan. My original idea was to simply use this fabric and edgebind it in black. While I normally discard selvedges, one side of the fabric had this taupe fringe and blue edging. I will be adding this as part of the hemline decoration, along with the black edge binding...

Years and years ago (back in the 80’s) I made wooly socks for my whole family to wear like slippers. New England had cold winters then. My folks are currently in the middle of decluttering (just like I am), and the socks I had made for my Dad turned up and were sent back to me for refurbishing. I decided that instead of simply re-doing the bottom half of the socks, I’d instead try out the Duffers Revisited pattern, make some hopefully dense felted slippers, attach the top half of the original socks to them to create slipper socks, and then sew non-slip to the bottoms.
The "Duffers" knitting pattern does go really fast, as I’m about 3/4 the way through after only two days of spare time random knitting. A bit worried about the felting part though, since the washer here is a front loader.


Another holiday needlebook commission, this one based on trillium flowers. I love making custom sewing box treats, particularly needle books and pin cushions...
the initial sketch, and the finished needle book

"wintery mix"... doesn't that sound like something you could buy in the bulk bins at the grocery store? or from a candy shop?... Why is it then falling from the sky instead??

later Sunday, our "wintery mix" turns to actual snow...

Boneclaw Mother and Nanny Og, in the first snow since they were born.

My dear friend SR in the dress that I decorated with reverse applique (Alabama Chanin style). The project took months of my spare time, but I will say that the results really suit her. And fortunately the weather had been cooperatively (and uncharacteristically) dry for a few days, so she was able to have another friend take and send me this picture


December SMART goals
1 charter painted plinth casters bag to Goodwill
2 fabrics keyring shed door rings bag to Goodwill
3 Elizabethan shirt
garlic planted -
4 party cookery flowerbulbs planted -
5 reverse applique RTW dress salad table planted -
6 Elizabethan shift squirrelproofing -
7 trillium needlebook - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -

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