Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SWAP 2016

Last week DragonLady posted the rules and guidelines for SWAP 2016. Sewing With A Plan is an annual online challenge with many participants worldwide and no actual prizes other than personal accomplishment, and ideally results in a set of eleven garments that work together. Since my own wardrobe has been in need of refurbishment for the last few years, our plucky heroine intends to actually participate, rather than simply enjoy the planning phase, which admittedly is my favorite part (though having a functional wardrobe is also a great and useful pleasure)

Today I pulled some likely suspects of fabric from my stash, and a few that I thought were good choices were sent back to the shelves, while I found some others that would be better coordinates with my chosen bottoms (aka pinafores). The color differences are subtle, but for example my already cut out but not sewn denim jacquard is actually a brighter blue than I prefer to wear with the chosen dress fabrics, and what I thought was grey chambray is actually a pale cool blue.  I switched the denim jacquard with a random wale black corduroy (because I can never have too many black pinafores), and the grey chambray for a soft grey-blue ikat.

left column: top - dark grey plaid Goretex for rain capelet, middle - already sewn indigo/black Alabama Chanin style long sleeve knit top, bottom - pale blue/dark grey stripe hemp knit for turtleneck long sleeve knit top

middle column: five fabrics for dresses - two tone indigo stripe linen, soft grey-blue ikat cotton, black/cream stripe cotton*, indigo pinstripe cotton/linen, black/grey/blue stripe cotton

right column: fabrics for pinafores - dark indigo denim, brown brushed twill, black random wale corduroy

I may overdye the black/cream stripe fabric and the denim jacquard that didn't make the final plan with some chocolate brown dye, which will help them better coordinate with my wardrobe, and also overdye some of the various cotton lace pieces I have, to use them as trim... I prefer lower contrast and less vivid colors in my clothing, as my personal coloration is also low contrast - really bright colors and high contrast leave me looking and feeling washed out.

To summarise the rules: "The first group of three all works together. The second group of three all works together. The two pieces works with both the first and the second group. The 3 wildcards should work with and/or coordinate with some of the above, but don't have to work with everything." Because my everyday dresses are what is the most in need of refurbishment, I have chosen options from the various groupings that all have at least one or more dress in the group, and my "bottom" layers are all new pinafores, to replace the ones that are also starting to wear out.

my revised tentative plan:
  • DRESS - grey/black/blue striped cotton
  • BOTTOM - dark indigo pinafore
  • LAYER - dark grey plaid rain capelet
  • DRESS - indigo pinstripe
  • BOTTOM  - brown pinafore, edgebound in black
  • TOP - indigo/black knit top
              (Alabama Chanin style, already made)
  • DRESS - two-tone indigo linen
  • DRESS - cream/black stripe cotton
                 (overdye either brown or medium indigo)
  • DRESS - grey/blue ikat cotton
  • BOTTOM - black random wale corduroy pinafore
  • TOP - pale blue/dark grey stripe hemp knit turtleneck

November SMART goals
1 11 jars salsa verde Mom slippers 2 Goodwill bags
2 10 jars grapefruit marmalade Barb necklaces big CPU
3 - - small CPU
4 - - 2 random hard drives
5 - - 4 more Goodwill bags
6 - - old foam pad
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -

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  1. Your fabrics all look wonderful together. The plan sounds like it would work well for you (the most important thing imho). I shall enjoy seeing them getting sewn up.