Saturday, November 28, 2015

some Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine tidies up a few loose ends...

I feel a bit like a badass on Friday morning... I rode my bike to the pool (for my PT water exercises) and back, even though it was barely above freezing out!

After a tasty dim sum lunch, Zenobia and I were at the Stark Street Studios holiday studio sale (so many different and lovely ceramic artistry, both functional and sculptural, as well as some very interesting jewelery combining metalwork and ceramics). I was admiring the shape and colors of this soap dispenser, in harmony with the assorted colors in the washroom here at Acorn Cottage; Z gave it to me as an early birthday gift!

It will be a bit of beauty delighting my eyes every time I wash my hands. By gradually and naturally shifting the accoutrements of daily life here to things both more functional and more beautiful or whimsical, the activities of daily living become more consciously done. While I realise that this is in many ways a first world concern, in other ways it is a very primal activity, to add beauty to our surroundings and the paraphernalia of our lives is something humans have been doing for millennia...

As part of incremental housey improvements, when looking at the photos of the new flooring I noticed that the wooden peg-hook rack on the back of the bedroom door was never painted, though it has been up on the back of the door for years now. It was the work of an hour or so to dig out some of the trim paint and now it looks a lot better... Subtle things make such a difference!

November SMART goals
1 11 jars salsa verde Mom slippers 2 Goodwill bags
2 10 jars grapefruit marmalade Barb necklaces big CPU
3 red hat for Mom bedroom flooring small CPU
4 - painted doorpegs 2 random hard drives
5 - chicken waterer 4 more Goodwill bags
6 - - old foam pad
7 - - carpet
8 - - carpet padding
9 - - refrigerator
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -


  1. Your new soap dispenser is indeed a thing of beauty. I agree with you 100% about consciously changing mundane objects in our homes to things of beauty that give us joy when we use them. Such little changes can indeed improve our daily lives. In addition to enjoying the beauty of your dispenser, I'm sure it will bring to mind your friend who gave it to you when you use it. That too is a joyful thing.

    1. That is my goal... so many of the things in my house, as well as things I wear, have the stories attached to them of the person who brought that object into my life

  2. I agree w/you - changing out small things to add more beauty, inspiration, and/or color to your life is a wonderful thing. Now, about your badass cycling. . . did you clip playing cards to the spokes on your wheels to make big badass noise as you cruise the 'hood? If not, that's the next step toward certification as a badass!!!

    1. I am going to have to look at the local Goodwill for some playing cards...