Sunday, November 1, 2015

Saturday snippets which our plucky heroine tosses out a few bits of catching up - my beloved parents are visiting, which, since we live on opposite sides of the continent, doesn't happen very often, so blog posting is not the top priority right now...

This week, after finding out that a visit to the Portland Art Museum runs an astonishing $20 a person, and a conversation about how some libraries have passes available to check out, that can be used for things like visiting museums... some digging around in the library website turned up the MCL "My Discovery Pass" program... I can now, with a little effort and advance planning, actually be able to spend time in a favorite sort of activity. Apparently the program had just gone live about a week or two prior to my search, which explains why I had no idea it was there. I imagine that in time there may be additional venues added, but for now, an art museum excursion, and a Studio Ghibli film "When Marnie Was There" are planned future delights

I'm about halfway through culling the paper files of excess, and have been sending what is no longer loved to recycle-land. The eventual goal is to use the two drawer file cabinet for both needful paper files and for storage of crafting and packing supplies, like drawing paper and padded envelopes and whatever else fits neatly into hanging files.

Concerned about the stability of the power grid in emergencies? Now you too can put those backyard hens to work generating power as well as generating eggs!

October SMART goals
1 8 stenciled panels kosode for R carpet
2 carved yukiwa stamp new flooring down carpet padding
3 3 stamped panels four new shelves mustard nightstand
4 Japanese kosode another shelf Goodwill bag
5  a silk obi belt external closet rod shelf unit
6 15 kai awashe shells doorway threshold another Goodwill bag
7 two cotton obi belts - paper recycle bag
8 new swimdress - folding shelves
9 18 jars salsa verde - 2 Goodwill bags
10 8 jars fruit sauce - Coleman stove
11 - - -
12 - - -


  1. Dear plucky heroine, give my best regards to your parents, a hug to Al and a kiss and a hug to Renee...xox Joachim

    1. I passed your loving comments on to my parents, and was most surprised to find a new person commenting here! You are very clever indeed to have found my online habitat

  2. Wow, the Discovery Pass sounds terrific. On this side of the river, Washington County has a Cultural Discovery (or something like that) program, but it sounds like it's only good for one time, one day - and the PAM is not on the list, darn it!

    Enjoy the time with your parents - it's fleeting in so many ways.

    1. Apparently all sorts of libraries around the country have various kinds of access to community resource programs. I actually called the library here to find out how the program worked, and it seems like it will be a treat. I cherish all the time I can spend with my parents, and wish that they didn't live so far away... Am very aware that our time together is a gift.