Sunday, November 15, 2015

replace the floor - take 2

in which our plucky heroine applauds the progress made, as the second bedroom gets laminate flooring installed.

My Blue Cedar House pals were here for their once a month visit, and once again great leaps forward happened on the house improvement front:
The large bedroom, before removing all the contents prior to replacing the carpet with laminate flooring. Since we did the same project in the other bedroom last month, there was a metric crapton of, quite a lot, most of the contents of the small bedroom still in the large bedroom

This is the carpet that we were removing from the bedroom. Carpet holds dust and pollen all year long; laminate flooring is easy to keep clean. I predict happier lungs in this house...

The bedroom furniture was moved into the living room temporarily. This made a small room even smaller. None of the rooms here at Acorn Cottage are really large. The big bedroom is 11ft x 12 ft, and the living room is not quite that big, so the mattress and bedframe (the large wood and rope construction in the right of the photo) rather loomed over the usual table and chairs.

Saturday, after ripping out the carpet and the foam undercarpet padding we took the padding off to be recycled, a local company that accepts it is down near the railyards under the bridge...

A pretty funky loading dock, with signs... the steps up are pretty sketchy, and there is a big bin (on the right) to just dump the carpet padding. I think it gets torn back into foam chunks and made into new padding...

Mr Blue Cedar House carefully removed the tack strips from the edges of the room, and any small bits of detritus that came up from the concrete slab, before the vapor barrier and underlayment were put in place

The underlayment, before being taped together. This keeps the flooring from being terribly noisy and cold underfoot.

By Saturday night, most of the flooring was in place, save the very last strip, which must needs be cut to size in two directions.

Since it was below the functional temperature for paint to dry outside in the carport, we set up a painting station in the bedroom, for the quarter round edge trim and corner blocking. Tomorrow when it is light again, I'll try and photo the new floor. I did notice that with the room empty, the paint on the walls and current baseboards looks quite shabby. When it is warm enough again to leave the windows open, the walls and trim will get a new coat of paint!

I am loath to put all "the stuff back" in the room tomorrow. My house is feeling a bit like one of those puzzle squares where you move the little tiles from one part to another, trying to get the pattern to sort out correctly. I keep moving boxes and bins and piles of stuff from room to room. And though I do keep letting go of stuff and sending it onward to recycleing or to Goodwill or to free giveaway, it just feels neverending. I know it isn't but I first cleared the small bedroom last month, then had to move stuff back in there and back into the living room. OTOH, even with moving stuff back into the small bedroom there is still enough room for my guests to get to both the end and the side of the bed, which wasn't the case last year. Plucky heroine must keep on trucking on...

Plus this weekend my refrigerator died. Like stopped working in a probably irreparable way. So I get to deal with that. Too. I know, first world problem, and fortunately I have several camping coolers and can keep food on ice until I sort out what to do, and where to find a suitable replacement. Because the rooms are tiny, I use a compact fridge; current one is a 4.4 cu/ft size, which is about a quarter of the size of a "normal" fridge here in the USA. This makes it a bit of a challenge to find a good one, because in that size they are mostly intended for use by college students, and the doors have "can holders" instead of shelves to hold foodstuffs. I don't drink beverages that come in cans, I am not the target demographic... I guess I should be grateful that the wee thing lasted ten years before failing. Ah well, it will all sort out in the end somehow, but it just seems wrong to have something like a fridge behave more like consumable goods rather than durable goods...

November SMART goals
1 11 jars salsa verde Mom slippers 2 Goodwill bags
2 10 jars grapefruit marmalade Barb necklaces big CPU
3 - bedroom flooring small CPU
4 - - 2 random hard drives
5 - - 4 more Goodwill bags
6 - - old foam pad
7 - - carpet
8 - - carpet padding
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -


  1. Oh, man! I know just how you feel! We've just embarked on a major living/dining room painting and floor finishing project - including sorting through decades of junk...errr, collections. Deadline Christmas. Now I know why we've put it off for so long. Best of luck on your reno and finding a new fridge. Appliances sure don't last long these days, do they?

    1. Thank you Louisa! It is such a challenge to declutter and sort, isn't it? I have been gradually working away at that aspect for almost two years! I don't have a lot of "collections" but rather simply lots and lots of stuff that are what I call supplies for projects of one kind or another ("oh this would be a great whatever if I only fixed it up or reconfigured it") I have decided that since I actually do have enough furniture/storage/miscellaneous craft projects already, that not only will I not bring new "projects" home, but as I find ones that Past Self brought home, I am sending them off to Goodwill or Freecycle... the projects I want to keep here are ones that relate to my vocation and or my avocations... so metalwork and enameling, and sewing, and knitting/tabletweaving supplies and tools will have a permanent home here... the rest of the potential can go make someone else happy! I wish you luck and fortitude in getting your reno done in time for the holiday...

  2. Boy, do I relate to that "neverending" statement! On and on it goes, donating stuff, consigning stuff, discarding stuff. And yet, there is so much more to do.

  3. Your floors look wonderful!! Well deserved!! I am in the process of yet another clearing-out. I even questioned the need for my many collections of found objects for jewelry projects. Instead of de-accessioning, though, I decided to just make the damn jewelry! No time like the present! You're an inspiration, as always!