Monday, November 16, 2015

long time coming

The laminate flooring has been sitting in boxes in the bedroom for at least seven years, it is such a delight to finally have the carpet gone and the flooring in place!

The foot of the bed and storage bench, and a bit of rare sunlight shining through the south window and reflecting off the new flooring.

Back in OlyWa, at Fjords End, I learned about using corner blocking as a simpler way to join baseboard and other moldings, and I decided that it would be equally useful here at Acorn Cottage. The alternative would have been to somehow pry the existing sixty-five year old baseboards off the wall (which sounded like a recipe for disaster and remedial plaster and paint work) and reinstall them after putting the flooring in place...
Corner blocks in this case are simple cubes of painted wood, that are used to either fill the room corners and here also to join the middle of two longer pieces of quarter round. There was no easy way to transport an eleven foot length of molding, so I had it cut in half at Mr Plywood. The quarter round molding neatly finishes the transition between the baseboards and the new flooring. We used corner blocks in all the inside corners and Mr Blue Cedar House neatly mitered the one odd outside corner...

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