Thursday, November 19, 2015

keeping it cool...

Food is still in the coolers, and now two sets of half-gallon milk cartons are seeing duty as block ice containers (as one is thawing, the other is in the freezer turning back into ice, and the milk carton contains the icewater, so the coolers stay relatively dry inside) Not for nothing did our plucky heroine spend a year in the backwoods of Idahell Idaho.

It is challenging to find a suitable replacement fridge, but thanks to the internet, I may have been successful. While no one manufactures compact fridges without any "can holders" in the door instead of only proper shelving, a friend suggested that the can holders could be used instead to store things in small canning jars, which might be a functional option.
I also found a few units that were just refrigerators, sans "ice compartment", which means no need for constant defrosting and more space for storing foodstuff.  This pictured unit is the same size as the ten year old appliance in the kitchen here. Since I will be ordering it online (an option not available for me ten years ago), from an independent retailer in the midwest, it will take some time to arrange and be delivered, and I'll have to find a way to dispose of the old non-working fridge...

Made some savory cheese pastries with filo from the freezer, filled with a mixture of feta cheese, egg, a bit of lebne, and some chopped herbs and green onion. I will make these again, the folded wee handpies were both easy to make and easy to eat.

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  1. It's always such a pleasure to watch you pioneer the small, sweet spaces of the Acorn Cottage.