Friday, October 16, 2015

step by step

in which our plucky heroine takes first steps first...

The project for this weekend is replacing the carpet in the small bedroom with a floating laminate flooring (Ikea Tundra). My long term goal is to remove all the carpet from the house, but for now, one bedroom is a start. In preparation for this project, space was cleared in the big bedroom, as everything in the other bedroom that was standing on the floor, as opposed to hanging on the wall or in the closet, needed to be out of the room so that the carpet could be removed and the flooring put in place.

All the furniture, the storage shelves and the futon couch. And everything in the storage shelves... Two thirds of the contents of the small bedroom are stacked along the window wall in the big bedroom -

Some of the contents of the small bedroom are stacked up next to the big bedroom closet. I so do not want to put all the clutter back into the small bedroom, and am cogitating on various options. There will be quite a bit of sorting and decluttering in the next few weeks -

The room looks a lot bigger with the floor empty. Tomorrow will be all about remove the carpet, padding and tack strips, and put in the new laminate floor.

In the attempt to create as little garbage as possible in this endeavor, have found a place that will accept the carpet padding to recycle, and have found two different people that may want part or all of the carpet itself (which cannot be recycled), so the only actual trash will be the tack strips! The improvement of this room started back in August 2014 with some initial sketches and plans, then with the first pass of decluttering last September which continued for most of the late fall and early winter, the room eventually became a pleasant spot for sewing, and a hospitable guest room for the many houseguests that grace Acorn Cottage

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