Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday musings - progress report which our plucky heroine notices how much has been accomplished...

In the last week/weekend, in addition to the usual and everyday chores:

added another storage shelf underneath the others on the west wall - intended as storage for upcoming sewing WIP's... but for the next two weeks it will be a Useful Shelf for houseguests, since my beloved parents will be arriving tomorrow for an extended visit!

I also added this small closet rod storage in the niche between the shelves on the east wall and the actual closet.
This is intended for either the use of my guests, or when the room in untenanted, as a spot to hang current sewing works-in-progress
There is room underneath/behind the new closet rod to also store the ironing board. (I will add a tethering rope to help keep it upright in case of earthquake, just like I did with my collection of lumber in the workroom) I'd really like to both paint the wooden legs of the ironing board, and also make it a spiffy new fabric cover...

My friend Kate kindly and thoughtfully cut a piece of white oak into a transition threshold to fill the gap between the new flooring and the hallway carpet. I am just delighted at how the wood she chose is such an excellent match!


Earlier this year Gersvinda gifted me with a big bag of pears... the ones I didn't just eat, turned into pear sauce. Surprisingly, as they cooked down, the pears turned a deep red, just like quince does!
I stashed the pear sauce in the freezer, waiting for a cooler day to do the actual processing; as the weather turned cooler this week, was time to fill one of the large kettles and get busy. I also processed the small amount of applesauce from my own apples, turned out to be about 11 ounces, or not quite three jars...

The beginnings of salsa verde.... Once these cook down, and soften, will add chopped onion, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, a bit of salt, and some lime juice. There will be savory spicy condiment to enliven the next year (with special thanks to Marya for donating the tomatillos!)

partway through processing salsa verde... it seems that I will end up with about eighteen 4 oz jars to put in the pantry. And after several hours in the kitchen, my estimate was correct... There is something so satisfying about putting up food for the pantry... I just had to make a little sculpture of my 18 jars of salsa verde before putting them away.


October SMART goals
1 8 stenciled panels kosode for R carpet
2 carved yukiwa stamp new flooring down carpet padding
3 3 stamped panels four new shelves mustard nightstand
4 Japanese kosode another shelf Goodwill bag
5  a silk obi belt external closet rod shelf unit
6 15 kai awashe shells doorway threshold -
7 two cotton obi belts - -
8 new swimdress - -
9 18 jars salsa verde - -
10 8 jars fruit sauce - -
11 - - -
12 - - -


  1. Hugely industrious as ever. BTW I need a travel robe and am thinking of something in your kosode style once I have researched it a bit more.

  2. You certainly have been busy. Your sewing/guest room is quite functional. Love the transition piece between the laminate and the carpet. A perfect match. And WOW!! you have been busy canning up a storm. Enjoy what you made. Have a great visit with your parents also.

  3. Ruthie - I suspect that a similar pattern draft to the kosode, but with narrower sleeves and not quite so long, would make an excellent travel robe, particularly in a nice silk... could be easily folded to a small neat parcel, and would both feel and look fantastic...

    Ann - I am attempting to gradually make up for all the time and tasks that were set aside while I recovered from my cancer treatment, and now that it seems I will get more time here in the bright world, I want to make my living space be a place that encourages what I want to do...

    I didn't grow up doing food preserving, but it has become a minor hobby of mine, plus having a useful pantry full of tasty food just feels really good. I couldn't do any preserving for several years, but can finally get back to it.. And I am so very chuffed about the extended parental visit!