Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday fragments

Our plucky heroine is still astounded and delighted with the results of this weeks experimental art project! Walking out the back door to the drying yard and seeing my shibori panels waving on the clothesline made me insanely happy!!

There is still quite a bit of preparation before I can start sewing on the kosode, I have two additional sets of fabric panels to cut out and stencil this weekend, as well as two new printing blocks to carve, one with a Japanese "snow circle" motif and one with my new/alternate SCA badge, (for decorating the hemline panels)  Fortunately I have both enough assorted fabric and textile paint that the only constraint is my time available...

And just a few more notes about the initial shibori experiment...
The upper panel in the photos was opened immediately after the seven dips in the indigo vat, and the lower one the next morning... I realised, after comparing the panels that there was a noticeable difference in the clarity and contrast of the horse's tooth patterning. A significantly more crisp pattern was the result with more time spent before undoing the stitchery. As the undulating wave pattern is less complex, the difference in contrast is less vivid but still apparent. This is worth remembering for future shibori experiments. The other thing I want to remember is to find a better way to anchor the gathered threads, my attempt to stitch them down was too successful and made it very difficult indeed to remove the threads after the dyeing was complete!

nightstand: before and after declutter
Am continuing to put effort into decluttering the cottage. Tackling smaller areas is being more successful than the overwhelming challenge spots like the south wall of the workroom. This week, one square foot - the nightstand -  was definitely improved! Things remaining on nightstand (towards the back) are the ones that are supposed to live there: alarming clock, coin bottle, emergency radio, powder box (and my box of marbles, because it is important not to lose ones marbles...)  The small pile of things in the front are the things that get put down when I go to bed: phone, wee notebook and pen, pocketknife, and glasses.

I still have a modest bundle of random things that came off the nightstand that I don't have homes for. I have decided that the Mindy strategy of spreading them out so I can see each thing one at a time will hopefully let me either categorise what each thing is and thereby give me a clue, or make it obvious that it is discardable. I did send some papers to recycle-land, some things to trash, put several books back on the bookcase, etc. I also had various small first aid things (tubes and potions), and have noticed that now the medicine shelf in the linen closet is getting sort of messy, I need to figure out something to keep that sort of stuff (that is still good and useful) neatly corralled - will think about that, particularly as I know I have several boxes with other toiletries and small first aid stuff yet to be unearthed and sorted

September was a really productive month, several longterm projects were completed and several new things were both started and completed. At this point in the year my SMART goal chart for the year is looking far better than it did at this time in 2014, and in fact, things made and things fixed have gone on to an overflow chart, and I hope to make equally good progress with the decluttering and the things gone, by the end of the year. Quantifying progress in this way seems to be a helpful thing for keeping efforts balanced. My eventual goal is to no longer need a things gone category in my life, and to continue to celebrate the creation and repair that is, in fact, the ongoing task of being alive.

September SMART goals
1 apron dress for L linen closet doors bag to Goodwill
2 DM coronet shed roof patched bag to Goodwill
3 DM coronet front door latch bag to Goodwill
4 red top for Joan bike brake cable bag to Goodwill
5 Coptic stitch book bike kickstand bag to Goodwill
6 duct tape clone side yard work bag to Goodwill
7 whitewash back yard work bag to Goodwill
8 4 heraldic enamels whitewash henhouse bag to Goodwill
9 10 shibori panels chook roost electronica x 2
10 - - yard waste bin
11 - - yard waste bin

October SMART goals
1 - - -
2 - - -
3 - - -
4 - - -
5 - - -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -

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  1. Wow your shibori all unfolded is GORGEOUS!

    I have the same problem with miniature toiletries and medicine tubes and bits. Shelves are too cavernous. Something like an apothecary desk, minidrawers a good compromise size, set into the larger store space?