Wednesday, September 2, 2015

wishful Wednesday

in which our plucky heroine wished she had, in fact, bought the wee drillpress before taking on this job, rather than promising self that it would be a workshop present once the job was finished... there are well over 100 rivet holes that need drilled and fitted, and the drill press would have made it eversomuch easier! It is still on the next up to purchase list, and will make future jobs less troublesome. I plan on getting a Useful Assortment of wee high speed steel drill bits, in the sizes that match up with my most commonly used wire. It is a Cunning Plan, for the better my tool kit becomes the more functional and fun my workplace...
While I far underestimated how long this project (the Dragon's Mist coronets) would take, I am pleased to see how closely the actual pieces are looking like the initial concept drawings...
A closer view of one of the joining plates now riveted in place. The pearl is just set there for the photo, pearls will be attached as the final step.

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