Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday snippets...

in which our plucky heroine returns from a weekend trip north...

The weekend trip combined business and pleasure: a one day SCA event "Arts Unframed", delivery of some completed enamels, and a visit with friends in Olympia (The Aunties) and Seattle (Eva / Mickey). It was rather strenuous, but worthwhile.

dark moon red moon moon up in the sky,
people on the city streets looking way up high

apparently my response to something as awe inspiring as the super moon tonight, is to write doggerel... Tonight I rode my bike over to the park a few blocks away, which had more people hanging out just watching the sky... there were folks on the sidewalk with a telescope, and people standing in the middle of the side streets... gives me hope it does, that even in the city people go outside to see the dark moon

Saw some unusual botanical growths on a monkeypuzzle tree (Araucaria araucana) in Seattle this weekend... turns out that these are the female cones, and that the trees do not produce seeds* until they are at least 20 - 40 years old. The cones are quite large, I'd estimate about the size of a cocoanut, and were pretty far up in the air (zoom function needed to photograph them...)
* apparently the seeds of monkeypuzzle trees are good to eat, once the cones ripen and fall

This last week I put in a lot of time on another heraldic enamel project, the enamels were to be delivered on Saturday...
Figured out a clever way to create identical circles using a tiny center punch shaft as a wee mandrel...

which were used as part of creating a set of four heraldic enamels, waiting on top of the kiln to be fired (one at a time)... the enamel powder needs to be totally dry before going into the kiln.

The completed set of four heraldic enamels - actual size 22mm diameter (7/8"). These will end up part of the decorations on a coronet for Eduardo. The chevron motif is the primary charge on his heraldry.

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  1. You do the most interesting things, and have such thoughtful responses to your experiences! Thank you for sharing them with your readers.