Thursday, September 24, 2015

Incremental progress report

In which our plucky heroine spent the morning getting some outdoor chores done...

Before the temperature got too warm-n-sunny out there: got the rest of the feral rose canes that have been snagging at humans cut back and into the yard waste bin (thank you nasty squirrels for planting things in my yard that hurt humans!) Also did some end of summer pruning on the apple tree, doing my best to implement the "grow a little fruit tree" principles. Created a temporary chicken roost in the coop to encourage the hens to not sleep in the nest box by giving them a higher roosting spot.

And now, as soon as the kiln is hot, going to get back to working on the set of heraldic enamels for Eduardo...


September SMART goals
1 apron dress for L linen closet doors bag to Goodwill
2 DM coronet shed roof patched bag to Goodwill
3 DM coronet front door latch bag to Goodwill
4 red top for Joan bike brake cable bag to Goodwill
5 Coptic stitch book bike kickstand bag to Goodwill
6 duct tape clone side yard work bag to Goodwill
7 whitewash back yard work bag to Goodwill
8 - whitewash henhouse bag to Goodwill
9 - chook roost electronica x 2
10 - - yard waste bin
11 - - yard waste bin
12 - - -

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