Friday, August 7, 2015

stitch and swim

in which our plucky heroine gets into hot water...

... well warm-ish water, actually. Wednesday afternoons are the Free Open Play Swim at the local city pool, and it seemed like a good chance to check out the pool. It was surprisingly not jammed with people; while the shallower half had lots of children, and parents and babies, the deeper half had plenty of room. I ended up walking back and forth in the water for about forty minutes, and it was actually pleasant, almost fun.

Afterwards, I asked at the front desk to get information about the assorted options and fees. A three month pass covers all admission and classes except swim lessons, and since I learned to swim as a child, lessons are redundant. I am going to apply for financial aid to help get a city pool membership... if I can go there more often, it will continue my journey to recovery. The PT guy was even willing to write me a letter if that would help!

Speaking of which, I did well at PT today, and have a new set of exercises to be done in water, when I can return to the pool for next weeks free afternoon. They even laminated the exercise description sheet for me, so I can take it poolside! The physical therapist was very encouraging both about my progress so far and about my attitude.

It is that time of year again, when the turning wheel of evjc and Stitchers Guild starts another seasonal 6PAC. Looking through my closet the highest priorities are a few everyday dresses, two new not-black pinafores, and maybe some raingear... so, an Autumn 6PAC for me would look like:
  • rain shoulder-capelet in black Gore-Tex
  • pinafore in indigo denim
  • pinafore in brown brushed twill
  • everyday dress in indigo pinstripe
  • everyday dress in brown/black ikat
  • popover dress in japanese double gauze
I have so much sewing I need to do for me!!! this only skims the surface, I need six everyday dresses!! I need five more popover dresses!! I need a raincoat! And I'd like a new cardigan sweater, maybe a new rainhat, and some leggings for the winter that will surely come someday... Step by step will see the eventual refurbishment of my wardrobe. For my own memory jog, here is the overall grid plan for my clothing - and here is the plan from last autumn, including my wardrobe mission statement.

Love who you are, not who you are not... I can have pretty and useful clothing, I can put effort into my workshop tools and infrastructure because if I believe in me and belove in me!


  1. Glad the PT is going reasonably well.
    The Autumn wardrobe plans some lovely and very good in your wardrobe.
    You have a great concept on what is 'IndigoTiger' style.
    Given how critically you need all these clothes, what is your strategy for getting them sewn? I know the heat makes things really tricky for you.

  2. Ruthie, I do really well with planning out good wardrobe components for me, and less well at actually getting them sewn. It isn't that I'm not doing any sewing, when in fact am doing quite a bit of sewing but for other peoples jobs rather than my own closet... my current idea is to commit to at least a half hour every day, and to start by cutting out the fabric, so I have "kits" made up with each project. (except the capelet, which will need me to create a pattern first, then muslin it... but since we have at least six more weeks at least of dry summertime, I can focus on the other needed garments. Hopefully as we go through Autumn 6PAC season I will start to get some momentum going and will end the year with a solidly useful, if minimal wardrobe

  3. Yay for public pools!!! In my lifetime of back and sciatic nerve annoyances, swimming has been the thread that has made me happy, soothed my sore places, and kept me sane (at times). The last six weeks or so have been TOTAL HELL b/c I couldn't get in the water w/my cut and repaired finger. I got back in the lake this week, and it was heaven. I hope you can get in the water often! It is such a freeing feeling to walk in water! And thanks to your post I am inspired to plan an autumn 6PAC for myself. Thanks!!

    1. I had forgotten how pleasant being in the water could be... and I am glad to hear that your poor sore finger is mended enough to allow you that treat again, and that your finger is feeling better! I remember you mentioning something about Lake Washington? and a wetsuit and my thinking Claire is so brave and wild... Maybe we can be 6PAC buddies, and if I get up to Seattle while you are in residence, I hope to have a chance to say hi in person!