Monday, August 3, 2015

Double gauze

in which our plucky heroine is self indulgent...

Nani Iro double gauze fabric, that I ordered* last month from Japan arrived this morning... It is even more lovely in person than in the photograph. The texture is soft and smooth, and the metallic dots are subtle. This fabric should make a lovely floaty summer dress. I am curious about how the texture will change when it is washed, as well as the shrinkage...

... later that day - Well I am pleasantly surprised at the modest amount of shrinkage of the double gauze. Now granted, I didn't treat the fabric harshly. I usually go one step beyond my normal laundry treatment when pre-shrinking, but in this case chose to almost follow Marcy Tilton's suggestion for how to prep the fabric (she carries it in one of the other colorways). I did a cold wash/gentle cycle, and hung the fabric on the clothesline til it was almost dry, then set the dryer on air fluff and ran the fabric through for a while until it was all the way dry, not wanting the clothesline to create curved folds...

The fabric started just over 4 meters long, at 4 yards and 17 inches in length, and 43 inches wide. After pre-treatment it was 4 yards and 13 1/2 inches in length and 41 1/2" wide. It did soften up and become slightly more textured, but not at all like the gauze fabric I am familiar with. After some time with the calculator, and remembering my old arithmetic from years ago: shrinkage was 3.5% in the width, and  2.2% in the length. Certainly if washed hot and run through the dryer, it will likely shrink more, but I always wash my clothing laundry on cold, and remembering to hang this to dry (once it is made up into a dress) will not be onerous.

* ordered from shimgraphica via Etsy...


  1. That fabric is yummy! I'm eager to see how you sew it up.

  2. Carol, the fabric is my bribe to myself for when I finish up a (non-sewing) work project that has been very troublesome... my intention is another simple popover dress, as those work well for both summertime wear and as layering garments in (the hopefully someday) cooler weather! Plus a popover dress can really show off the painterly surface design, which reminds me a lot of the Marimekko fabric I adored as a young adult.

  3. Such pretty fabric! Love to see what you make.