Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blue Cedar House saves the day which our plucky heroine and her Blue Cedar House pals tackle the major decluttering of the outdoor spaces...

The plan for this weekend was to clear away as much of the non-useful detritus that has accumulated around the yard... the back deck, the shed, the carport and the side yard all were in dire need of attention, though the backyard as a whole is infinitely better than when we started our collaborative efforts two years ago...
Mindy, Bill, and the Deck of Doom...
Looking south across the backyard deck, this is more or less where we started out...

At the end of the day, the back deck looked like this!

When we started on this adventure, this was the view directly outside the back door...

And this is the area I intend to set up a theoretical summer kitchen on the standing table...

This is the current view looking out the back door...

Mindy imitates Vanna... "and here, behind the chainlink gate, is your new summer kitchen..."

This is the proto summer kitchen spot. All the detritus that was formerly underneath the table is gone; I am temporarily storing the wood shavings (chicken bedding) under there, and tossed a piece of barkcloth over the funky plywood tabletop...

The cardboard in the background behind the tabletop is a Useful & Temporary Windscreen, waiting for another load of mulch chippings and it will be layered underneath the mulch in the backyard to destroy grass. Now with deploying an extension cord, and with a substantial trivet underneath, can use the crock pot or convection oven outside the back door...

Looking inside the shed, which was formerly too scarey to photograph... now 3/4 of the contents (all non-useable crap) are gone, and the supplies and tools that remain are all accessible:

A substantial pile of dry-rotted woodstuff, and assorted garbage, destined for the transfer station, it added up to just over 500 pounds. Hard to tell the scale in the photo, but there are several full size pallets in the base of the pile-o-wood-junk


One side project that happened was that new sturdy plywood replacement seat supports were cut for both the rattan chair on the front porch, and the brown vintage chairs in the living room...


and... in unrelated but Very Exciting news...For the first time ever, there is actual fruit on the Fuyu persimmon tree!! I've never seen flowers on the tree, and nary a fruit since it was planted seven years ago.. There is only this one fruit (actual size about like a smallish tomato) and it isn't anywhere near ripe, but still, There was much loud squee-ing when I spyed it at the end of a branch!


August SMART goals
1 buckwheat hull pillow re-plant lettuces yard waste bin
2 - rattan chair seat broken lawn mower
3 - brown chair seats rotary edger
4 - - grill lid
5 - - bag to Goodwill
6 - - 500lbs debris
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -


  1. How nice to have thing more sorted and tidy!

    1. not sure it counts as KonMari, but the clever strategy that Mindy came up with, which was very helpful, was to take an area and remove EVERYTHING, placing the stuff in a separate area of the yard, all spread out. (rather like the KonMari "dump all the stuff on the floor" instructions) For a while, the backyard looked very odd indeed, but it was then very simple to discern which things were actually keepers (useful/joy-sparking/necessary), which were recycle/donate, and which were actually trash. Getting the stuff out of it's habitual place was brilliant, turning it from "yuck I can't look/don't even see it any more" to nice clear spaces and neutral things easier to sort. Of course having two strong young helpers made a big difference too!

  2. That is a set of extremely impressive make-overs!!! I am especially impressed (well, ok envious) about your shed. I haven't entered our shed for months b/c I suspected that much of the stuff that disappeared from the living room and the guest room had been secreted into it. And I was right. However, there is a plan afoot to do a big serious decluttering (we probably do not need 30 assorted cardboard boxes) and other remodeling to make it a useful shed. Rather than a secret place to stuff things! Well done Blue Cedar and Acorn Cottage!!

    1. The shed was Really Scary! I left out the part about the shed being full of mousey poop... Not only did Mindy help with the declutter, she valiantly donned protective gear and wiped and swept and scrubbed everything with bleachwater. I hope your shed doesn't give you a similar surprise! The shed itself is not in very good conditon but at least now everything in it is both useful and find-able

    2. So far no plague of mouse poop! Thank goodness. Approximately 30 random sized cardboard boxes were removed and flattened for the recycle pick up tomorrow. And our camping gear was brought to the surface. And our art collection - well boxed and protected from damp - was discussed w/decisions about new "exhibitions" in the house! But thank goodness no really nasty surprises. . . yet. Our shed has a serious problem of, well, no real floor. But we have a plan to construct a floor. And then the shed will be truly usable.

    3. That sounds most productive, and unearthing camping gear and artwork means more fun inside and outdoors as well. A floor is a good idea. We just found out that the shed roof here needs some serious repairs to the shingles, which are peeling off partway... that is the next thing to repair, before the rains come... I predict fun with asphalt and tarpaper and more shingles, most of which I already have...

  3. How refreshed your place looks! It will bring you so much pleasure.

    1. Yes indeed! I keep having a silly grin every time I go outside and see how well and tidy everything looks