Tuesday, August 11, 2015

a Tuesday tidbit

sometimes... when you ask, you get. It was too hot today, so our plucky heroine headed over to the local pool with the laminated list of exercises, and my application for a reduced fee, three month, pool membership. Said application was approved, so I can now afford to go do my PT water exercises on a regular basis... and try out the other water exercise classes there... and basically cool off and pretend to be in free fall for a little while every day if I want to. I am a happy, if slightly soggy, camper. I am hoping that eventually all this effort will result in less painful knees.


  1. What good news! I love that free fall feeling of swimming!!!! Have a great time!

  2. Swimming is such a great way to exercise without it feeling too strenuous. Great news.

  3. Fantastic!! Enjoy your pool time, it is the best for rehab. I've been reading all about your doings at the cottage, spectacular progress. You Blue Cedar friends are treasures indeed.

    You anti-squirrel measures on the persimmon are hilarious!! Hopefully effective, too ;) love you sweetie, steph