Wednesday, June 17, 2015

arachnophobia in the morning

... in which the day can only get better from there...

Despite ongoing difficulty the last week or so with managing to stay awake (seriously WTF?) our plucky if somewhat groggy heroine was REALLY brave yesterday. When I found a spider in the bathtub, 2" across... after I stopped shrieking, instead of either squishing it or washing it down the drain, I carefully trapped it under a container, slid a sturdy plastic cover across, and then set it free out in the yard... I am a nice person because I didn't set it free in the chicken habitat.

Given how arachnophobic I am, I am rather pleased with myself! I will say that my attempts to change my behavior in this respect was inspired by interactions with other people that I feel close to, who were horrified when one time they saw me squash a spider in my kitchen, and told me "if you had asked, we would have taken it outside for you"... I try and bear that in mind, when the only actual danger is in my imagination

OH look! It's an artifact! This tiny (bronze?) cast acorn mount was a surprise un-birthday gift from my friend Wanda!! The piece is only about 40mm x 22mm; the reverse side has integral pins intended to secure said mount to a strap of some sort. While the provenance is unknown, it appears similar to various other acorn mount finds* dated to somewhere between 1500 and 1700.

* Post-medieval copper alloy acorn mount, another Post-medieval copper alloy acorn mount, and an assortment of acorn mounts.


  1. You were very brave and kind to the spider. From now on it will help you out around the cottage and yard. And all of its friends will know of your good deed!

  2. I hope you are right... I just wonder how such large spiders find their way into the house, or are they simply arriving as little tiny spiders and somehow managing to grow up to such a size all unseen...

  3. How cool! I do the same thing. Spiders don't bother me and we don't spray ANY pesticides anywhere so the ones who survive the housecleaning are part of our busy biocontrol task force (spiders/birds/lizards/frogs) that eat the bugs that venture into the house, as the others, like your chickens, eat the outside bugs. We just chased a doggone raccoon out of one of our ponds that was trying to catch the tadpoles!!