Sunday, June 14, 2015

turning Iberian and Sunday snippets...

In which our plucky heroine shifts gears...

Going to see how productive I can manage to be today, the last week has been almost a total loss despite my best efforts. While I've never liked hot weather, have never been this unable to function or even stay awake...  Am currently attempting to switch over to a crepuscular/nocturnal lifestyle in hopes of improved functionality: My new plan: get up hella early, let the hens out and feed them, do some outdoor chores like water plants or mow the lawn, run fans to cool the house.... then shut the house up, deploy mylar, do indoor chores, and work until it gets too hot. Siesta until just before dusk when it cools down again. Put chickens to bed, run fans again, and do more work, until self-bedtime. Here is hoping this will be a better day/week/plan.

Here the hens do their wonderful imitation of a folk art toy...


Found a sprig of peppermint somewhere and have it currently in a blue glass vase full of water, where it is starting to put out roots. While the overwhelming belief is to "not plant mint because you will never get rid of it", I have never been able to successfully grow it, and would really like to add a culinary mint to my homegrown herb selection. Our summers here are hot and dry, all the rainy Oregon jokes to the contrary. Am considering planting it in a pot to keep on the front porch, where I can be sure to keep it watered, or possibly a self-watering planter like this one...

This, my standard summertime popover, is a pretty shapeless dress, but when it is beastly hot out, (which this summer seems proving to be) the less fabric touching me the happier I am. Rayon, or some of the heavier gauzy cotton with some drape is a great choice; this rayon fabric has a very interesting texture with woven in pleated checks and tiny herringbone twill. I managed to include some interesting details, particularly the binding treatment around the neckline. The dress pattern itself is the simplest thing, being a combination of rectangular panels and triangular gores, and can be cut out with practially no wasted fabric.

It took me a while to get the pocket design sorted out, since I didn't have enough of the grey fabric to simply make patch pockets. Instead I made a variant on a faced opening, turning the facing edges to the front, double folding them, and stitching them down. The remainder of the grey fabric was just enough to serge finish and stitch in place on the back, which created a one layer pocket bag, which keeps the whole dress light and breezey and still gives me a place for my pedometer, pocketknife, and flip phone. A few more dressses like this and my summer wardrobe will be properly refurbished

June SMART goals
1 Jen jumper thinned apples bag to Goodwill
2 grey popover pruned pear bin of twigs
3 blue Norse tunic access to window bag to Goodwill
4 - hallway shelf -
5 - - -
6 - - -
7 - - -


  1. The planned day cycle sounds very Mediterranean. It worked for centuries in southern Europe so don't see why it can't work for you now.

  2. Your chickens have very serious faces! And I love you dress, the binding and esp the pockets on the front. That is very clever. The Latin American schedule of "sleeping a siesta" in the afternoon gives your brain a rest and a cool-down so you can think up smart pocket solutions!!! Brava!!!

  3. Innovative thinking! I hope your plans works superbly for you. Years ago I was neighbor to a lady who had 5 kids close together. She was a meticulous homemaker and told me when the kids were little she'd get up at 3:30 in the morning to do her housework.

  4. It's a lifestyle of the hot climate. We use to get up at 5:30 a.m. work until noon, rest in the afternoon heat and then go at it around 7 p.m. when the sun went down behind the hills. We had these lovely cool down drafts as the sun came up and went down.
    We have had some very hot weather also and tend to be lazy in the afternoon and we have a/c. The heat seems to sap your energy no matter what.