Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine expresses her hatred of the hot yellow cloud...

Portland weather forecast for the next ten days! It would be a lot more bearable if it cooled down long enough and far enough at night to allow the house to cool down. Today my Blue Cedar House pals got up at 5AM so as to allow for helping with my yardwork, the mowing and weeding that are too much for my injured knee right now. Mr Blue Cedar has added another line of fencing to the backyard to expand the hen habitat to an additional shaded area. The hens are most unhappy, and stand around in the shade with their little beaks open and panting. I tried adding ice cubes to their water, and will hang some shade cloth over additional parts of their pen.

I have removed five grocery sacks full of books from Acorn Cottage today. My friends helped me, not by taking the books themselves (that would overwhelm their little home instead of mine) but by driving me to the two closest locations of the renowned Powells City of Books where I exchanged a bunch of the books for over 75 USD store credit. (probably enough for two or three reference books at most) The books that Powells didn't want I first offered to a friend of mine who has a small independent used book shop, and the ones she didn't take went to the thrift store on the corner. I know that another deep sorting of the bookshelves will happen at some point, but the tall pile of "make these books go away" is now gone from my hallway!

June SMART goals
1 Jen jumper thinned apples bag to Goodwill
2 grey popover pruned pear cankers bin of twigs
3 blue Norse tunic access to window bag to Goodwill
4 Jen jumper hallway shelf bag of books
5 peach gown for L yard mowed bag of books
6 - bigger chook yard bag of books
7 - pear tree gone bag of books
8 - - bag of books


  1. Yay for the bookshelf sorting, and subsequent successful dispersment of the books.
    Mine are sitting in a big pile in the dining area. I need to move them!!

  2. Ah, books. They reproduce in the night, I swear! Even though I'm trying to go electronic with the "one-time-reads", I still have way too many. I wish I lived closer to the wonderful world that is Powells! But then my books would probably increase even faster.

  3. Yes books. There are always too many I want. I just removed another pile yesterday and they are waiting to be taken to Oxfam. I would love to have a place to exchange books.