Sunday, May 17, 2015

no chooks today...

in which our plucky heroine feels like a kid building a fort...

This morning hen lady phoned me to let me know she has the sick and wasn't feeling up to getting out of her house, much less driving here with my new hens. So, a day with more time for getting the things done that were pushed aside by my chook habitat improvements on Friday. Starting by building a new door for the nestbox area of the hen house, since the former door mysteriously disappeared...

My big challenge is to figure out how to use what I already have around the house, instead of going out and purchasing all new supplies and hardware. The other hard part always is figuring out how to assemble pieces to do what I want them to, which is good exercise for synapses, even if it takes all day!

This was made from some old yardstick fragments, doorskin scrap, offcuts from the workroom shelving, and some old garden stakes, plus small eyebolts, a shower curtain clip, and a split ring. (new hinges are spendy, so rather than take a half day to go over to the ReBuilding Center and poke around in their hardware bins, I linked the eyebolts with some copper wire instead; I also figure that it would be difficult for a raccoon to open the clip/ring closure)
The lower portion of the nestbox door opens, with some interior wooden guides to both strengthen the door and to keep it located properly. This time I mounted the "hinges" on the side, which will make it easier to clean out the shavings as necessary (the old door hinged on the bottom edge, which meant it was always in the way at cleanout time)

May SMART goals
1 big garden bed front yard mowed bin of twigs
2 Mindy underdress strawberries planted bin of brush
3 Laurel underdress blackcurrant planted random plastic
4 Norseguy embroidery design fridge plinth drawer -
5 chook roost chook house moved -
6 nest box door chook run fencing -
7 - chook shade run -


  1. A very clever solution. And you outsmarted the future varmints! Good job!

  2. Necessity drives a lot of my decisions... Fingers crossed that when the hens actually arrive next week that the new habitat will suit them! And having lost hens in the past to both raccoons and possums, I am trying as best I can to avoid that trauma