Saturday, May 9, 2015

design challenge

in which our plucky heroine works on a design challenge...

A friend wants us to build a custom regalia brooch for her, featuring both the Laurel and the Pelican of the SCA. The Pelican is already completed, in the style of Limoges champleve; my initial design* interpreted the Laurel wreath as an engraved acanthus leaf foliage pattern, but we wanted to add a few additional options before making the final decision. Rather than draw the entire design again three more times, I simply drew the several wreaths, and then did some literal cut (with scissors) and paste (with tape) to sample them... the overall "effect" is clear but the actual details of a finished object would be much more precisely drawn, these are "rough" sketches:

Design A: This style is the most similar to the basic Laurel wreath that I use in my cloisonné regalia, being straightforward and readily identifiable.

Design B: This style has a more decorative leaf, tending towards the acanthus.

Design C: This style is a lot more dense, a very different look than the other two.


* this is the original design I worked out; I rather like it, but it doesn't exactly read as a "Laurel" wreath...

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