Friday, May 29, 2015

chooks at the cottage!

in which our plucky heroine acquires some new livestock...

Today Tonya delivered my new chooks: three young Black Australorp pullets. Once inside the backyard hen yard, they headed for the back corner, as their new "safe place", but are making small forays to explore the new habitat This is their first time away from the big flock, but they seem quite comfortable as a small flock of three.
One hen seems a little braver than the other two...

But mostly they all stick together and gradually will find the borders of their new digs...

The hens discover that the other end of the shady fenced area goes somewhere...

... but this is as far as they have gone towards the sunny pen and the chicken house; they turned around to get back to where they had already been.

Exploring is exhausting; time to rest a bit more... Tonya warned me that I would need to help them find their house for tonight, since they have no idea at all where to sleep. They are, as I recall, about 10 weeks old, so it will be the end of the summer before they are old enough to start laying eggs. In the meantime, they will be endless entertainment (chicken TV) and add more resiliency to life here at Acorn Cottage


  1. What beautiful chickens, and what a lovely place for them you have prepared! I know they will be quite happy once they get acquainted with their new digs.

  2. Sometime after 9 PM it finally got dark enough that the hens were mostly asleep. Where did they choose for bedtime, but underneath the ramp to the hen house. I was able to carefully pick each one up one at a time, without causing too much drama, and settle them inside the henhouse on the new roosting bar. Everyone is locked up safely for the night. Hopefully it won't take them too long to learn where their nighttime bedroom is.

  3. They are very good looking chickens! I never thought about chickens needing to explore a new home base! I hope they were glad to wake up in their lovely hen house!