Monday, May 4, 2015

cannot leave well enough alone

in which our plucky heroine adds new details to an old staple...

Am making slow but steady progress on the grey rayon popover dress. Most of the body pieces are stitched together, and while it is still flat is the best time to finish the neckline. (My hope is that continued 20 minute sessions every morning will turn into a habit of useful sewing and/or mending, which will gently renew my everyday clothing)

I had originally thought to do a simple neckline edging, and then took a look at my Pinterest wearable inspiration board... hmmmm.... the shape of the Washi Dress neckline is appealing, but I really dislike faced necklines. My initial idea was to bind the center portion, and then run the bias tape off the corners to make little bohemian ties, but then I remembered how much I dislike loose strings in the laundry, and this photo from a Japanese sewing book was a look that seemed really "summery"

This openwork was a little more tricky to do than I imagined, and were I to when I use this type of complex edge binding again, I'd probably change the order of how I sewed it*, but I think it gives a fun bit of detail to what is basically a Very Simple Dress. I'll be using the same homemade bias binding in a double row for the hemline, in the same way that I have done on several of my pinafores; it not only finishes edges in a durable way, but adding an extra row helps add a bit of substance, and decoration, to the hemline. Plus by putting some decoration down at the hemline, it shows off my shapely legs!

* note to self, join the final neckline bias binding at the center back, or side... not at the center front!


  1. that is very clever! and a really great look, too!