Sunday, May 10, 2015

bizzy buzz buzz, or return of Blue Cedar House

in which our plucky heroine appreciates the amazing efforts of her Blue Cedar House pals; the Acorn Cottage environs had a whole assortment of useful improvements this weekend, in addition to the regular maintenance of weeding out morning glory and campanula and mowing the backyard lawn...

Various salvaged materials, one of the parking strip boxes, and some venerable salvaged fence boards, were recombined to make a new raised bed in the middle of the mulched area in the backyard. Mighty Mindy filled the new raised garden bed and replanted ALL the strawberries... the ones from my Mud Bay friends (Bill and Cathy and Jen), and the ones from Julia. Still need to drape it with netting, after adding some stakes padded at the top, to keep away marauding squirrels. I am determined to get at least a few homegrown berries this year, and eventually dream of homegrown strawberry-rhubarb goodness

Since the lesser of the front parking strip crates moved to become part of the new strawberry bed, the blackcurrant (that has been sitting in a pot for several years) now resides to the left of the hopeful-someday persimmon tree. Some of the sturdy sticks from pruning the ornamental plum have been used to create a support tripod, to encourage it to grow more vertically
Mindy did a bangup job of dry brick work, creating a nice tidy home for the poor blackcurrant. My hope is that with some attention and actual ground to grow in,  instead of a nursery pot, that it will be a happier plant, and maybe produce fruit in a year or two. Blackcurrant is supposedly good for jam/jelly/cordials, but I've never yet tasted any.

The kitchen fridge plinth now has a drawer, (thank you Mr. Robertson) which is a useful place to store rarely used kitchen tools and equipment, like the turkey roasting pan, and the apple peeler gizmo. This is a very gradual project, initially begun in January, and not quite finished yet. There still needs to be some sort of wood finish, probably either black paint or stain on the case, and another layer of plywood on the top to overhang the drawer would also be a help

While her parents were working inside and outside the house, young Laurel helped by using various brush and sticks and things to build an elaborate if ephemeral fairy house in my driveway. She also drew the most adorable flip book animation as a Mother's Day gift for Mindy, but sadly I had no way to document it. I don't remember knowing how to do that when I was six!!

The chicken house has been moved adjacent to the old garden bed, and once I acquire some hens, they can happily turn the bed, eat the weeds and bugs, and have a nice spot for their initial foray into the land of Acorn Cottage... I will, of course, fence off their space from the rest of the yard, and will gradually build chicken hurdles, and chunnels to allow for more rotational grazing...

The salad table, now dense with tasty greenery, has been moved out of the direct southern sun exposure to the more shady side of the front porch.
Here is the new improved summertime porch configuration: salad table more shaded, and two chairs and a small table for pleasant outdoor time in the shade. Yet to come will be a canvas sunshade on the south end of the porch; one of the last errands we ran before my pals had to hit the road for their long drive home, was to the big box hardware store to get a large canvas tarp, which I'll be configuring to match the slant of the porch roof, and will hang from the rafters. I'd also like to do some refurbishing of the chair cushions, once I look through my fabric stash and see if there is anything "upholstery" weight.

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  1. what a productive day! be sure to post a photo when the fairy house has tenants.--anne