Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tiny epic milestone unlocked

in which our plucky heroine took a trip to Azure Fine Art Gallery where my most current artwork is on display....

The logo for the arts walk in Corvallis... If it were easier* to get there, I'd really enjoy it as a monthly treat; my friends Stacy and Barret Spangler (who live in Eugene) rarely miss a month!

Azure Fine Art Gallery, streetside view... The gallery entrance is inside a delightful arcade that is just to the right of their window

Deb rearranges the gallery space each month to suit the artworks that are on display. This month when you walk in, the room looked very homelike, albeit a home that is filled with resonant artwork.

The north wall of the gallery space... and the south wall.

Here is my work, on display inside "the birdcage". Deb added the river pebbles to the display, which really helps to both ground the pieces and to lead your eye inside. I have two shadowbox pieces in the show, plus my button crown. I have written about the first piece here, and about the second piece here, and there are more ideas for new work gradually percolating up to the surface of my awareness, so these will not be a pair of solitary siblings. It has long been a desire of mine to make artwork that is both a decorative home object and wearable art, that combine and separate and come back together, thereby blurring the boundary between life and lifestyle.

Towards the end of the evening, this group of fiddlers arrived in the atrium of the arcade, and began jamming together... most delightful to hear the live music, even though it signaled the end of the Art Walk!

It was a great kindness that my Eugene friends then took me back south with them, for conversation and convivial company, as well as a guest bed and a pleasant morning walkabout their neighborhood (and a much easier trip back home the next morning) It is very difficult to get to Corvallis without a personal vehicle, while Eugene is plentifully served by a plethora of options.

Travel there and back to Corvallis on the bus... the Greyhound heading south was much less timely and comfortable than the Bolt bus heading back north, I am not sure why, since they are owned by the same company. Greyhound left almost half an hour late, Bolt right on time, plus the Bolt driver was impressively cheerful.

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  1. hooray!! just so exciting i can't think of what to say, just very very happy and thank you for sharing on your page here :)

    Even better to see such a harmonious setting for your artwork! It often happens that the environment adds little to the work or sadly overpowers it or clashes. In this case the setting provides a beautiful frame for your art, creating a special place, emotion and frame of mind in which the viewer can truly enjoy what you have created. Wonderful!!